AMD ADRENALIN 2020 Freeze Bug FIX/Cum sa rezolvam problema ecaranului blocat AMD ADRENALIN

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Hello and welcome at FIXISO Today we will talk again about AMD ADRENALIN 2020 yesterday i’ve made a video about AMD Adrenalin 2020 about the update that came a year after the last version 2019 i was very happy in that update because AMD finally managed to fix the problem of the video capture without sound well all fine and good, but today i have found another bug the problem of freezing games i was playing Fifa online and in the playthrough my game froze, the display freezed even if i could hear the sound of the game running the game seemed to run normal i had no error just had a freezed display i used ALT+Tab just to get out of the game fast to check for errors while i was entering back in the game the game unfroze for about 2-3 seconds after freezing again later i tried what other games have that problem because first i thought the game might have a problem i have even restart my pc but i did try Red Dead Redemption 2 and i had the same freezing bug from the intro of the game i got a freezing image well… the solution for this bug you have to go in AMD ADRENALiN 2020 just right click with the mouse on your desktop he is o the top on your window then you’ll go to SETTINGS Graphics here i was on gaming mode the problem comes from AMD ENHANCED SYNC you’ll have to disable this curios, i used this profile from yesterday and had no problem disable it if you can i can’t right now i think it might be something from the settings but you could switch to STANDARD PROFILE or ESPORTS and it will get disabled i think that AMD will fix this bug fast but until then try this fix if you have another fix for this bug leave me a comment i do want to know if not, i hope my video helped you it did work for me, tested on FIFA and RDR2 that’s it, have a good day and thank you for watching!

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