AMD ADRENALIN 2020 Tips & How to Live Stream Youtube/Sfaturi Utile si cum sa transmiti live Youtube

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Hello and welcome at FixIso A few days have past since the launch of the new update AMD Adrenalin 2020… and i’ve noticed that the oppinions about it are divided the majority of AMD users are pleased about this new software but there are a few people who are disappointed, like myself i will try to give you some tips and i will tell you what have i done to improve my experience with this software i will start with INSTALL if in the moment when your trying to install the new update you screen did freeze or just get a black screen you’ll have to force restart your system(PC) it is possible that after your restart you can start you software(AMD) by pressing ALT+R or in the classic mode, by right clicking you desktop screen and clicking AMD(if you have it) it should be somewhere on the top of the list well, if you have the software there and it starts your instalation was not finalized in the moment your screen froze your instalation got an error if you ignore that(and let AMD like that) i did that and i did put it to a test in Red Dead Redemption by launching it and i did noticed that while my caracter was near the water i was getting a visual glitch, an annoying one and another thing you can test it right now, press ALT+R to open AMD Adrenalin and go to Streaming and if you’ll try to make a custom stream you’ll see that you’ll be missing CUSTOM STREAM URL and CUSTOM STREAM KEY this two are essential for streaming if you know, this were used in the old version of AMD Relive i do like to mention that Twitch runns ok and you can stream if you’ll try YOUTUBE, you’ll that it won’t work but at Streaming i will get back a little later in the video i want to go back to the instalation part of AMD Adrenalin 2020 and we get the system(pc) froze you’ll have to do a forced restart and you’ll go in CONTROL PANEL and you’ll look for AMD SOFTWARE, because you’ll have to uninstall it it is possible that while trying to uninstall you might get the same error like when you where trying to install AMD and your screen will freeze just restart the PC and try uninstall again, until you’ll get uninstall complet and have to restart your PC because AMD needs it to do that after the restart you’ll go and use your browser to go on the official site of AMD here you’ll download and install AMD Adrenalin 2020 again compared with the first time the install should go ok and get the COMPLETE INSTALATION, whitout any freezed screen after you do the restart, because AMD will ask you to do that you can press ALT+R to go in AMD Adrenalin 2020 and after choosing your profile, i advice you to choose standard if your curious go to STREAMING and at CUSTOM STREAM you should have CUSTOM STREAM URL and CUSTOM STREAM KEY i did advice you to use STANDARD PROFILE but you can use GAMING PROFILE even if for some user of AMD this profile gives them some problems when they are running games FROZEN SCREEN WHILE PLAYING this can be fixed by disabling RADEON ENHANCED SYNC i did noticed that RADEON BOOST is not used by all the games but it is used by GTA 5 and when this is active, you’ll get a green square in the top left of the screen RADEON BOOST in GTA 5 gives me this lag senzation (see the video) and my game is STUTTERING that’s why you should disable RADEON BOOST so if your game freezes or experience stuttering try disabling RADEON BOOST and RADEON ENHANCED SYNC i think this happens because this software had not been optimized for the older video cards this software is special made for the new video cards i do want to say, that even my system is in he’s second year since release so i have the same problems Let’s get back to STREAMING I did try to stream on TWITCH and YOUTUBE TWITCH works fine you just have to select the platform from the list add the location from where your streaming and just go live you can customize you stream from SCENE EDITOR but when it comes to YOUTUBE things are a little different from the previouse AMD Software you’ll not be able to start streaming just by selecting it from the stream you must go to CUSTOM STREAM here you’ll need your CUSTOM STREAM URL from you YOUTUBE account and CUSTOM STREAM KEY again from your account but that’s not all go to SCENE EDITOR go to ELEMENTS pressing the + and add BROWSER SOURCE and you get an SOURCE space to add a LINK that’s where you’ll have to add from your YOUTUBE account the link from BACKUP SERVER URL and add it there and after that you can customize you STREAM, by adding different elements after finishing, go back to LIVE STREAMING tab and you can start STREAMING at the end i will like to talk to you a little about AMD Link this makes a connection bettween your PC and you SMARTPHONE or TABLET i tried with my phone witch is and android used you need to download on you device AMD Link and connect it to the PC this gave me the option to check my stream from the phone and also i could use the game from my phone i could use my phone like a controller but i couldn’t use all the functions of the app because the app, had to many crashes or at least for me to make this connection bettween the phone and pc you’ll need a phone, i used my android phone, searched AMD Link on Play Store after that when on my PC opened AMD ADRENALIN 2020, ALT+R SETTINGS, and the DEVICES, click on LINK A DEVICE this will give you a QR Code and a Server Pin you can add manually the SERVER PIN in your phone, and you’ll make the connection or use the QR Code this is an interesting FEATURE added at AMD, but again i have to mention that the app for is not working i get crashes when i try all the features with this i think i should end this video i hope this helped you Thank you for watching and see you next time!

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