AMD RYZEN 5000 | RYZEN 5000 Vs RYZEN 4000 | RYZEN 5000 APU Specification, Price, Release Date | CPU

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amd’s ryzen series is extremely popular. amd’s ryzen is defeating INTEL in every aspects. few days ago, ryzen 4000 series laptop processors have been launched but, ryzen 4000 series desktop processors haven’t been launched yet. i got some leaked information on the exact specification of ryzen 5000 series processors. this is totally confirmed ryzen 5000 series information. in this video i will show you the differences between ryzen 4000 series and ryzen 5000 series processors. window paper come back having a visual
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joe overall power efficiency bobo chuckle 15% or Nabal a is just cpu is
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whenever degeneration meta zen to architecture is mio cos n 3 architecture
zen towards n 3 can be a key difference a bouquet flipping
percent IPC improvement IPC mclubbe having a simple sub tomato xicanmei 8
processor of a shock America Panama regeneration made to his dimension made
xicanmei boy processor X upon the rock amiga but the model Thunder muscle
performance increase arrival gave 4000 series horizon get 5,000 system is me
just say by a difference a boy inbuilt graphics card come rising the for
thousands his made yet when you step energy graph is catalyzing come happy
maj inglish Kakuta big oscilloscope graphics card who’s my maximum e8
compute core support our data leakage enable of heightened risk a processor is
Vijay in will graphics card whenever life Booga
Navi since Caracas card yoky 7 nanometre based over Christmas of compute course
Booga 24 compute course mother Mohammed see this abdominal pain about a
processor meta at Corbin a graphics card is me over
2400 biographies Kannur 824 Cole message to IndyCar Hogan normal core or char
Kaurava AI based graphics card cool or a thematic and it is written e8 or
graphics card vs. 24 called Rapiscan console and abettor it it up could
assemble sector or a subpoena by a quad see improvement Booga horizon gave 4000
series kg Timmy processor a goose my job make them lower generational processor
you smith the result for core or for theta trees work as a rate kingdom
lowered in space if you go boost when there is an 8 core or 16 thread over
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always remember theme was it a B+ thank you

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