Anne Sweeney’s Yamoa for Asthma Message

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Hi there, my name is Anne Williams Sweeney and I want to invite you into my home today and to briefly share with you my story of how Yamoa Powder has literally saved my life. I never expected to develop Asthma, I never thought I had
allergies but for many years I was going to an
allergist I was taking allergy shots and paying for
them myself because I didn’t have insurance that covered that I was also using a rescue inhaler Ventolin Rotacaps because all the inhalers that the doctors put me on, the steroidal inhalers, just made the asthma worse and I want to show you the very last
container that I have of Ventolin Rotacaps. There are two left in here I have kept as a souvenir to remind me of where I was and how far I have come where I don’t need anything
any longer and that’s strictly because at Yamoa Powder. This container is dated July 2002 – that is how long it’s been since I even had fill this prescription. Now at the time that I found out about
Yamoa Powder I was actually taking an emergency
inhaler one of these Ventolin Rotacaps three times a day. The allergist told me at that point that I fit the profile for someone who
would die of a sudden asthma attack. You know that feeling your
story is probably very much like mine with that feeling that someone sitting
on your chest, that feeling that no matter what you do you can’t breathe, and the whole panic that comes over you, so when I learned about Yamoa Powder through
Doctor David Williams he’s a physician here in the United
States that has a newsletter he goes round the world looking for things that he hears about, natural
remedies and things, and he takes them back to his laboratory in Houston Texas and he examines them. They experiment and they find out what works what doesn’t and why. Well he wrote about Yamoa Powder and how people were having miraculous results with it after just you know, some as soon as 30 days or sixty days and no longer having asthma or allergies. Now my question was probably the same as
yours, well if this is so great why aren’t we hearing about it? Why aren’t we finding it in all the stores? Especially the health food stores? Well I tracked down Yamoa Powder in England through Tania Wedin and I ordered it and I used it and I can tell you
why you not hearing about it everywhere and why it’s not all you know at all the stores and it’s because it actually works and because people who experience asthma and expect to be on allergy shots
for many many years like I was or expect to be on medications and
steroidal inhalers for the rest of their life, once they
start taking Yamoa Powder that’s it, you don’t need the other
medications at least I didn’t and most people don’t
need to stay on Yamoa Powder either. Maybe a month, maybe two months, for you maybe three months everyone that I know, everyone that I have recommended this to has not really needed to use it after maybe two
months. It’s miraculous and this is why there’s not a market for
it as far as drug companies are concerned
and as far as corporations who would want to patent it
which they can’t do because it’s a natural
product – they can’t depend on people needing to buy it for the rest lives. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? Isn’t that a great gift? Isn’t that a miracle? What it does pose though is a great problem for Yamoa Powder because it eliminates the need for all these
other medications and for all those doctor appointments. I spent a fortune my own pocket on
allergies and asthma appointments and medications and I
don’t have to do that anymore I like to keep a stock of one or two
containers of Yamoa Powder in my kitchen cabinet
along with some local honey because I recommend to people all the
time. Once in a blue moon if I’m petting somebody else’s cat or dog and then I touch my eyes I start to feel a little bit stuffed-up but I’ve never had the asthma feeling again but all I do is I take a quarter of a teaspoon of Yamoa
Powder in with the natural honey the local honey from bees they feed on
my lawn here in Maine and I’m fine. It’s a wonderful
product but it does pose a threat to all those
people who make money on other things. So what needs to happen now for Yamoa Powder and the reason why I am talking to you today, there is a way that Yamoa Powder can be scientifically and impartially studied and all of the attributes of Yamoa Powder can be put into an international online
database where healthcare practitioners
and licensed herbalists and so on would be able to go and access this
information about Yamoa Powder, what constitutes it? What are the
chemical properties? Are there any contraindications? Are
there any side effects? Are there any medications that you shouldn’t be taking when you are taking Yamoa Powder? What this will do is it will make it
possible for healthcare professionals around the
world to be able to tell their patients about Yamoa Powder, to help them with
it to be able to say, ‘Oh yes you can take
that!’ It’s a wonderful thing and, this is the good news, they’re
almost there with the amount of money that is needed
to to do this project, it’s through a corporation in Boston Massachusetts, we
only need forty five hundred dollars more in order to do this testing
and it’s called a Professional Monograph
that Yamoa Powder will need to have. Once it has that then it will be much easier for the
medical community and the scientific community to understand it and to be able to share
that information with people and it will be a lot less
possible for anyone to say this doesn’t work this
is nonsense and be able to take it away
from us so all they need is that forty five
hundred dollars it’s not alot of money but they do need
help raising it because as I said before Yamoa Powder doesn’t really bring in an awful lot of
money for any company because you don’t really need to take it
that long, but you’re cured so quickly so won’t you join me no, give whatever you
can a dollar, five dollars, fifty dollars
whatever you can. Think about how much it means to you to be able to breathe again how valuable that feels. To be able to take a deep breath fill your lungs and not feel or hear any
wheezing not feel the heavy weight on your chest to be able to go to bed at night and not be afraid that you’re going to have an asthma attack in the middle of the night. So please do what you can it’s so easy. We need to protect Yamoa Powder for
ourselves for future generations, for other people
who have yet to hear about it. So please go online
to the website make your donation near or you can call or email Tania at That’s [email protected] and if
you want to talk to me I am a television host in Boston for PBS and you can reach me through my Facebook page Anne Sweeney Public TV Host. Thanks for
listening and I hope you continue to feel better through the use of Yamoa. God bless you.

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