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(relaxing music) – Hey everyone, I’m Andrea
from Aromahead Institute. And I wanna show you
how to make an inhaler. I called it Anxiety Away,
because that is exactly what we want if we’re
feeling anxious. (laughing) And so essential oils can be
amazing to help reduce anxiety, to help you feel calmer and more centered, and uplifted, happier, right? So I know that’s definitely
a welcomed feeling. So this inhaler has three
essential oils in it. It has our trusted lavender, which is always very
balancing and centering. And then I’ve got two
citruses I’m gonna add in, green mandarin and lime. And I love their personalities,
they’re very sparkly, they’re very awake and
bursting with aroma. So if you are feeling
uncomfortable or anxious, I think that they’ll really bring you this sense of just opening
and feeling more ease, and happier, (laughing) okay? So it’s a simple recipe. I’m using one of these
great reusable inhalers, which simply means that when I open it up, there is a glass vial right here. And I can unscrew this, and
then I put my cotton wick right into this glass vial. And I can use this for a few
months, and then when I’m done, when I’ve used it for a few months, I’m gonna go ahead and
take the cotton out, and wash this bottle really well, and then replace the cotton,
and I can make a new blend. So these are great. All right, so we’re gonna have five drops of each essential oil in this blend, so it’s an easy one to remember. I’m gonna put five drops of lavender, there we go. Great, you have to have good
aim, ’cause this is tiny. And that’s only if you wanna
actually make it in the bottle. You could also put this
wick into a little bowl, and drop the oils onto
the wick in the bowl, and just move the wick
around, I use tweezers, and soak it up with the oil, and then you can pick it up
and drop it in the bottle too. It’s another way of making them. Okay now five drops of green mandarin. Love this, it’s really zesty. Great smell, all right, very dark color. That was five really quick
drops, but five it was. Okay, and then our lime. And this is like candy,
I mean it couldn’t be any sweeter and tarter and bursting, bursting with happiness. (laughing) All right, so five drops
of this fabulous lime. One, two, three, four,
five, okay and that’s it, we’ve got our inhaler. So I’m gonna put this top on, and this has actually got
the little holes in the top, so you can smell it. And then I’m just gonna put
the protective bottom on. And this is so easy,
so that’s the inhaler, you just pop the top off,
and there you go, right? And so you can just keep this in a bag, in a backpack, in a purse, in your pocket, by your desk at work,
and it’s very personal. Nobody has to smell it but you. And again, if you’re feeling anxious, or just worried, stressed
about anything, try this. See how it feels, I bet
that you feel really a lot more centered. All right, take care. See you in the next video, bye.

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