App launched to help track symptoms of hay fever and asthma

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Britain Breathing is a citizen science experiment. It’s inviting people nationwide to help us investigate why seasonal allergies are on the rise. All people need to do is download a smartphone app and you can do that by visiting the App Store or Google Play and searching for Britain Breathing. All you need to do is download the app, log your symptoms and track your symptoms over time and in the background that will collect really useful information for researchers such as us and we’ll be able to look at symptoms: where and when they occur and link that with data about air pollution and the weather to investigate some of the potential causes behind the rise in allergies. The app built up these nice little graphs that allow you to see how symptoms are changing over time so you can try and learn a bit more about your triggers and what might work for you in terms of managing your symptoms. By taking part you’ll also be helping to contribute towards an online map of symptoms so you can log on to to view a map and explore data to find out local allergy hotspots near you. You can only see your own data and by taking part you will be safely sharing your data with researchers at The University of Manchester. We only ever see anonymous data so you can rest assured that it’s safe with us

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