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  1. Doctors do not know everything. FACT. With regard to acid reflux, Apple Cider Vinegar really helps. I was suffering from reflux at night, at times waking up in the wee hours with stomach acid up in my throat. For relief I took the pill that is usually recommended. That helped. But after taking Doctor Eric Berg's advice I tried a spoonful of ACV in a small glass of water before going to bed. Acid reflux symptoms disappeared. (I took the precaution of brushing my teeth and rinsing thoroughly to avoid damage to tooth enamel)

  2. Dr. Mike, I hope you read this. What do you know about warts? Why someone would have them? The most effective way to get rid of them? Thanks!

  3. In Russia they used to call Santa Claus, "frost man". You should do a video with strictly dj tiesto playing in the background.

  4. One of my science teachers was struck by lightning twice and she's still alive one of my friends made a lighting bolt out of paper and put it over his head she saw it freaked out and sent him out of the room….

  5. Hey Mike, actually the apple cider intake before a meal does decrease the bloodsugar levels in humans. As with everything, one little good think extra won't make up a lifetime of Fast Food and processed sugars.
    Love from Germany

  6. Whenever I'm on the verge of catching a cold, making a green tea with honey and apple cider vinegar stops it in its tracks 9 out of 10 times.    Love your videos Dr. Mike! Even when you're wrong.  j/k  =)  Maybe more research needs to be done though…

  7. I'm surprised you've bought into the BMI crap. BMI was invented by the insurance industry to charge people MORE in insurance for being fat!!

  8. Hi Dr. Mike. watching this video now. wondering why you didn't talk about first question as you can't turn someone gay.Since I started watching your videos cause you're cute and now I've watched many of them if that was the case you could turn me straight and that could be a huge benefit for me considering the country I live in.Thanks for caring and thanks for great videos

  9. I would love to listen to your podcast. Especially on my 1hr drive on my way to work/home. Please Doc 🎤 ! Make it happen!!

    "Doc Mike on the 🎤!" Catchy right??

  10. I am a lactose intolerant. And my family keep saying I have to eat dairy products so my stomach will get use to it. But everytime I just had a diarrhea or stomach cramps.😭😭😭😭😭😭 its really painful.

  11. If you have trouble telling a doctor you have an issue. Write it on a piece of paper if that lets you express yourself better.

  12. ah, work related nightmares are the worst. when i worked at mcdonalds i had a very long dream where i worked the window and everytime i had a drink in my hands i would drop it. big difference but i still woke up in a cold sweat 😓😂

  13. Awwww. My son told me a similar story (also pre-k, diarrhea) but he had asked to be excused AND CLEANED IT HIMSELF WITH SOAP in the bathroom sink! I asked if he washed his hands after because ewwww… but my heart broke a little.
    I told him I was proud he took care of it himself, but he could also ask for help. Little man 💔

  14. Awesome 👏 and brilliant doctors and HOT 🥵 MY HUSBAND ACTUALLY GETS JEALOUS OF YOU LOL 😆. Love your channel hopefully am Half awesome like you when I complete my MD

  15. My roommate was at school during the summer (college) and she called me randomly…. turns out while she was sitting in front of the student center waiting for the bus, a guy was walking across the crosswalk in front of her and got struck by lightening. She says it was one of the craziest things she has ever seen.

  16. I`ve just watched an interview with Orlando Bloom and he said that he is taking apple cider vinegar with his water for 20 years. His fiance Katy Perry also was doing this. They said it is very healty and helpful. I`m not sure about all this, but I think it is some new Hollywood trend or something.

  17. Hy Dr. Mike! What if you do not have a good relationship with your doctor? Do you recommend finding a different doctor? She never can remember my name. She look at my chart at least 3 to 4 times in a visit to remember why I came in. I see her two to three times a month “ supposed to be for monitoring my blood work” but she never sends me to the lab! Is this a sign to start looking for a new Dr. ? And how do I do it without hurting her fillings? Help please!!!!

  18. Doctor Mike, you don't need to do a podcast! You're already doing enough as it is! BESIDES, a podcast is the same thing you're doing already, minus the video.

  19. Hey Dr. Mike what are your opinions on the celery cleanse for hypothyroidism? I heard it could be beneficial but I’m a little scared to try it… penny for your thoughts? 😬

  20. Hi Doctor Mike will you please do a video on essential oils and if they have proven health benefits? It makes me nervous how Young Living advertises their Thieves oil kills more germs and bacteria then bleach yet they don't back it up with any science. Essential oils are a major trend and a lot of people believe they work but I have doubts. Also, it makes me crazy they market oils to dogs. I don't think people should put essential oils on dogs due to dogs having a great sense of smell. It seems like it would be extremely irritating to the dog. Could you also give your opinion on using essential oils on dogs and cats? Thank you for all of you're videos.

  21. Ёлки- палки, прямо голым стоять заставили? За что так ребёнку?:((( но чуть чуть смешно 🙈

  22. I have depression and anxiety …went to a new doctor and he was very quick to write a year supply of meds. I missed a couple appointments because of brain fog from the meds..and he sent me a letter basically firing me as a patient. Not only that, but he blacklisted me across the network, meaning if I try any doctor's office under that umbrella..they pull up my file ..see a notation on my chart and refuse to see me? I was not habitually missing appointments. Can a doc do this? Can I go the the office and ask them to take the black mark off my chart? This seems really unfair, especially with mental health.

  23. How do you choose a PCP and what do you even go in for? I’m a nurse and don’t want to go in and be like “hey this is what’s going on so what do you want to do about it?”

  24. 1) that poop story sounds like child abuse
    2) I find it very funny how you say poop my pants… it's the p. I don't kbow why…

  25. Hes a young doctor. He doesn't know everything. You only like him because hes good looking. If he was a serial killer , you'd go out with him and I will be reading about you in the morning paper.

  26. I’m here to vote for podcast! 👍🏾 we need your knowledge & availability Mike! Thank you & god bless!

  27. So I have three kidneys ( caused by diabetes-my mom was when she was pregnant) it only works 2% of my complete percentage ( I also named it Zoey )

  28. I’ve had shortness of breath since I had my first child , and that was 6 years ago, and it feels like my anxiety has gotten worst. What would be the best thing for me to do?

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