Apply medicine to GON – allergic monkey baby

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Hi everybody! This is the seven-color medicine I bought for GON. Now I will apply for the boy. Because GON does not fit in dog’s shower gel, GON has allergies and redness all over his body and he also has skin ulcers. This is a very effective and effective topical for children. I will read the manual then apply for GON. This medicine specializes in treating skin diseases. Treat diseases such as fungi, sores, allergies …. I started applying GON medicine. GON lay a good mother to apply medicine for me. GON turn around. You can’t lick your hand. Done! GON is very good. Don’t lick your hand, GON. Goodbye guys!

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  1. Some of the herbs of the green soup were you put him in always might also cause allergic reactions to his skin.

  2. Too many baths will dry skin out and make rash
    Just bathe his bottom n cut back 2 time a week
    Be careful about new clothes too
    The dye can cause a rash

  3. 😭 He looks so bad now, completely off. Look at 3.41, like a short seizure! Watch his eyes, this was not some kind of a mac attack! 😭
    (I have worked as a neuro analyst, beeing
    a biomedical analyst, at a large hospital. I had patients, also children, who reacted the same way…on different stimuli.)

  4. Ты любиш Гон и заботишься, но у тебя один минус есть никому не слышишь, даешь еда странный, например еда для собаки и кошки, гон никогда не кушает их, а ты два раза дала. возмешь странный гель. Ты просто набоюдай другой мама что дает и что делает и как играет с обезьянками. Ты тоже так делай тогда Гон здоровый будеть как дргой обезьяны. У нас повловица есть Ты сама незнаешь и не хочешь слушать другой- это самый беда

  5. They're right, he's seizing. He may not be depressed, he may have had a neurological disorder from the beginning and as he's aged it has progressed. Sad but even monkey babies with the most sadistic owners don't seem to wish themselves dead.

  6. Привет 💙💘💗💙💘💗💙💘💗💙
    Hello friends 💗💘💙💝💘💙🖤
    Love manki

  7. In the wild, animals do well without having to bathe even once in their lifetime.
    Well, you neither do need to pretend to be clean, nor do have to bathe baby monkey so often like that!

  8. Da đầu bé đở rồi, chỉ còn ở tay và chân thôi. Gon hết bệnh nha.

    Có người giới thiệu đến Cây Lô Hội. Nếu cần, bạn đọc xem cho biết thêm.

  9. Thank you for sharing not only the good moments but also the bad
    Moments…of what a commitment you have made to them the real life sides❤💞

  10. Instead of baths consider just cleaning his bottom using baby wipes with Aloe Vera. It would give his skin rest from baths which likely hurt while so raw, especially those warm or hot baths. Sunshine would be beneficial in small doses and help dry up the sores. He would be comforted if you put some really soft clothes on him.
    It would be like being held and keep him from scratching. If the top had long sleeves over his hands he couldn't lick the
    medicine off. Yes?

  11. Sweet little Gon, drifting to sleep while you read the instructions! He is just ADORABLE with his big eyes and all his fluffy hair!

  12. Cám ơn cháu đã chăm sóc gon với tất cả tấm lòng yêu thương, nhưng sau này khi tắm phải xã nước thật nhiều, đừng xã nước ít để giữ mùi hương thơm, tội nghiệp gon, chú khỉ con chịu nhiều bất hạnh, may mắn gặp được cháu, cám ơn cháu nhiều

  13. Be careful of the doses of medication. Those are for human, Gon is much smaller, needs smaller doses. Too much medication can be hard for his kidney and liver.

  14. Ему нужно дать выпить лекарство против аллергии,а еще лучше сделать укол внутремышечно,будет больший эффект

  15. Pienso que la pomada no es lo más adecuado para Gon mejor tratamiento por la boca llevarlo a otro doctor Gon es muy quieto no es normal en un monito algo le pasa


  17. 日本語難しいと思うのに凄いですね



  18. There are a couple of natural things you can use in a bath such as colloidal oatmeal and baking soda. These will help sooth the skin.

  19. you're doing it incorrectly. The only way to administer this is an injection into its anal cavity. It must be a sharp syringe, too. Good luck.

  20. What kind of monkey is Gon i love himand his little sister so much he is the most beautiful monkey I've ever seen💖💖💖💖💖🐵🙈💝💝💝💝💝💝

  21. This whole monkey's life he has been in pain. You suck!!!🤬🤬🤬
    Did no one see 3:41 where he clearly had some sort of seizure. That wasn't a mac attack. GON DIDN'T MAKE A SOUND,. And she didn't say anything. I would have freaked. That means he does this alot. All of you that are praising her, get ready for the
    We lost Gon today video. The disease took him. No, this lady killed him.and you are praising her. WAKE UP !!!🤬🤬🤬🤬

  22. ich würde das tier erstmal nur mit wasser und nicht so oft baden und ich würde dem tier viel wasser zu trinken geben dass die allergie aus dem körper geschwemmt wird das wird wohl eine ganze weile dauern wie beim mensch

  23. I'm just saying you can tell by the look on her face that she is tore up about the mistake she made and caused her baby to be broke out you know what I'm saying she takes such good care of them she loves them so much and I mean that she just doesn't outstanding job and I just I can tell I can see it in her face and she feels bad about it geez that's all I'm saying

  24. Hi Beautiful Mommy and little Gon
    Prayers sent up fir this precious baby to feel better soon🙏🙏🙏

  25. Aw so sorry for Gon hope he has a speedy recover6,you are such a good mommy to him he loves you!sensitive boy baby!

  26. Mamãe do Gon por favor faz vídeos mais longos com os bebês macacos. Eu amo assistir os vídeos de Gon e Miu.
    Beijos 😘😘😘
    Brasil 🇧🇷

  27. I adore this monkey so much! Gon is a sweetheart. You need to keep a close eye on him for the next 24 hours and take note of his twitching. I’ve seen him mildly do that before, but for some reason this seems a little different. If he continues to do this randomly throughout the day or night, you need to take him to a licensed veterinarian and have his little head checked.

  28. 💜 you're a good monkey mom! You're very gentle, kind and loving to the baby Gon. Ignore the bad comments! Keep doing what you're doing! 💜

  29. Pobrezinho do Gon .espero que melhore logo…shampoo neutro..aqui no Brasil usamos Johnson. .deve ter em farmácias aí já vi vídeos desse produto no vietnan.abracos ..

  30. He bien il doit être dans un état catastrophique deux jours sans vidéo!!!!pauvre bête dans les mains de gens pareils!!!!!!

  31. You bathe him to much . He has a fungus rash he needs apple cider rinse, just add 2 table spoons ,to a cup of water .use the rinse after bath untill it is cleared up . Dry him with low heat setting on your blow dryer . You should wash him with baby shampoo ,his skin is to fragile for anything else. It's very hot their so be careful you don't put heavy lotion or ointment.

  32. This idiot really thinks she can trick you into believing she cares for this NHP. Not! How many has she blocked that give an honest comment?

  33. @Monkeygo. Does your monkey have something wrong with him, like some sort of retardation or down syndrome? Not trying to be rude, just asking.. It seems like something is wrong with him…. It's quite sad.

  34. I just read in the description that you're heartless because you didn't take care of it sooner? Honey, you are far from heartless. I've seen heartless people with monkeys on here & you are NOT one of them. Anybody can see that you love & care for your babies very much. Just no more dog wash☺ find something organic & hypoallergenic if possible. You love your babies & cuddle with them & I'm proud of you for it & have a lot of respect 4 you because some of the people on here make me sick

  35. tặng gon cho gia đình khỉ doo. gon bị trầm cảm và chết vì bạn! anh ấy đang vượt qua. đừng lạm dụng anh ta mọi người ghét bạn và chồng bạn chúng tôi ghét mui. cô ấy xấu xí và phiền phức !! giết cô ta

  36. За кадром ,как всегда орет голодная Миу . Бабушке наверное надоела ебот…..я с обезьянками ,она тоже кричит на неё . Прислушайтесь.

  37. Es una sádica déjalos en libertad.esos monitos tienen una expresión de tristeza tremenda. Que una protectora se los quite antes que sea tarde pues seguramente que morirán tendría que estar prohibido la venta de monitos


  39. She keep looking on prescription…but don't understand nothing kkk.
    This ointment for bliss/crack skin ???

  40. MONKEYs were not meant to be pets. They are not used to harsh chemicals in the cleansing products used by humans and pets. This is one of several reasons why monkeys should not be kept as pets. Sure they are cute but if you really loved them like you claim then take them to a nature center who can either take care of them or help them find a surrogate mother. It is amazing to see how an adult female monkey steps in to take over the mothering role of a baby she has never seen before – they make better mothers than humans (most of the time anyway). And, please someone tell me what the deal is with all of this bathing, diapering, and clothing? My God, they are not human babies!

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