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It’s quite weird, but I do kind of feel
like I hear a lot of people saying more “I’m allergic this or I can’t eat that”. – Well I think that allergies have been on
the rise, but I’m not sure. – I don’t know whether that we’re just aware or whether
there’s a rise in our reaction to food and to pollen and and dust and those
kind of things. – I do you feel like more people are becoming open about it and
talking about it. – There’s so much information out there,
people start to understand better. – I’m not really sure, so it’d be interesting
to find out… – There’s really good evidence that allergies are increasing. We know
about 20% of the UK population has an allergy, this increases by around 2 million
people per year. – And I think more people develop allergies later on in life and
don’t even realise it. For example, I think my boyfriend now
has hay fever even though he doesn’t think that he does. – You can develop an
allergy at any time in your life but we do know that most allergies start in
childhood and teenage years. This heavily plays into the hygiene hypothesis. Is it
that now we’re living to clean? – The habit of cleaning everything to then an inch
of a complete microbial death is not a good plan. – Healthy dirt protects you
moving forward it enhances your immune system and stops your body overreacting
to an allergen and causing an allergic reaction.

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