Are food allergy tests effective?

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Food allergy tests are indeed accurate so
we perform them for two reasons. One is to exclude a food allergy and one to diagnose
the food allergy if the history is suggestive. So what it’s important to state is that a
clinical history must always guide the test and the allergens selected in the test. But if a skin prick test and an IgE blood test is performed, if it is negative, that is generally highly predictive that the allergy is not present and can be safely eaten. If the test is high positive, then depending on the history, this may well suggest that the allergy is indeed present and some caution
would then need to be practised. The gold standard of
course is the oral food challenge test. So here we would feed an age-appropriate portion
of the food to the patient and observe either for the absence of symptoms
or the presence of symptoms. And of course, if you can eat a food without symptoms you’re home and dry, and you can exclude that allergen
from a potential allergy list.

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  1. What about allergies that don’t have symptoms on the skin? I think one food causes me extreme drowsiness, could a skin test detect that?

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