Arı Havası ilə Müalicənin Möcüzəsi

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When apiculture is mentioned, people think honey or other bee products firstly. Honey, pollen, bee milk… These are not just nutrition products with high calorie., but also they have medical effects. Honey has about 40 kinds. And all of them consists of numerous vitamins and minerals. And what must we pay attention to when we buy honey? When honey is analyzed, the most important nuance is the percent of water inside honey. It shouldn’t excess 21% This percentage is the limit for honey maturity. So, if the percentage exceeds 21%, it means honey was taken before its ideal period. And this type of honey causes ferment. And this honey is considered as poor quality. Max sucrose percentage is 7%. In treatment with bees and bee products, apitherapy, various methods are used. One of the new methods is therapy with apiair. According to Fito therapist Elnur Eldaroglu, treatment with honeycomb is the best natural way in struggle against Asthma, blood pressure, insomnia. The air of propolis, honey, and beeswax evaporates and the patients breathe this aura by special apparatus. This breathing has many advantages, it increases oxygenation, rehabilitates blood circulation, Intercostal recession and has anti-allergic effects. It is used broadly in some illnesses such as allergies, allergic rhinitis, allergic pharyngitis, allergic bronchitis, headaches, migraine. The expert added that the bees which are used for medical purposes have to be fed in a natural environment, without the use of any medicine

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  1. Salam Elnur bəy Allah razı olsun sizdən minnətdarıq önəmli maarifləndirici məlumatlara görə

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