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Hi everybody I’m Christina and I’m coming
to you from the beautiful grounds of the Florida School of Massage here in
Gainesville Florida where I’ve had the utter joy and privilege of working for the
last 25 years and one of the things that I teach here is the Therapeutic Use of
Essential Oils and how to use oils as tools in your life and not just in a
massage practice but no matter what your focus is. One of the things that students
always ask me about is how to stay calm and focused and centered when they’re
building a massage practice but I also find that question coming up over and
over again with clients and when I’m teaching essential oil workshops out in
the community. So what I’d like to show you how to make today is your own
personal inhaler and they look like this almost like a little chapstick and what
you do is you take the cap off and it contains an aroma that you can smell to
help you with things that you want to improve upon in your own mind or in your
body and one of the things that really benefitted me the most when I was a
student here 25 years ago and really one of the main focuses of the school for
the last 40 years has been mindfulness, meditation, how to be centered, how to be
focused and how to be still, how to come into a quiet mind and be fully present
for both yourself and also for your clients and that was such a gift that I
received all those years ago and I’ve been working on it ever since
because life is busy and it’s full and even now 25 years later I hear that over
and over again from students all the time like that’s something that they
want more of and it’s a big topic out and the
internet and there’s all kinds of fun apps that you can get for meditating and
calming your mind that’s going to be the focus of our personal inhalers that
we’re going to make today. It comes in four parts it starts with an organic
cotton swab that we’re going to actually drop essential oils onto this cotton
swab and then the other part is the main body of this personal inhaler and that’s
what the cotton swab goes in then we have a little cap or a plug where I’ll
plug the bottom then we’ll put the cover over the top so that it will stay fresh
and then when you’re ready to use it you’ll uncap it enjoy the aroma and then
be able to carry it around with you no matter what you’re wanting to focus on
in your life. It doesn’t have to be just for meditation it could also be for a
project that you’re starting or for a work situation or maybe a test that
you’re taking or anything at all. So what I’ve done is I’ve chosen three essential
oils that first of all smell beautiful together but also make a really good
mental calm and focus inhaler so the first oil is frankincense and
that oil has been used for thousands of years for meditation and spiritual
practice and it really helps calm down the nervous system and really supports
the respiratory system so taking a deep breath it also is really good for your
immune system as well. The next oil I chose is lemon oil and lemon oil is just
like adding a bright sparkle of an aroma to your blend it really supports your
immune system and it also helps you fight germs as well and it’s kind of
like cooking like when your recipe needs a little something something adding a
little lemon can just make it smell really balanced or taste really good in
a food recipe and then the third oil I chose
was cedar wood which is a wonderful beautiful tree and also really
supportive to the immune system and the respiratory system and very good at
helping us feel calm and grounded and centered for whatever it is that you’re
focusing on. So here we go. I’m going to place my cotton swab in this
little dish and when I make inhalers for myself I just use my fingers but if
you’re making it for a friend or client and you don’t want to touch the inhaler
then you can use tweezers so the first essential oil I’m going to use is
frankincense and I’m going to put four drops of frankincense one two three four
oops I got five now if you’ve never poured essential oils before you’ll
notice that some pour out very fast and others go very slow and that has to do
with the natural organic chemistry present in the oil and the actual
viscosity that it has. The next oil is lemon so we have five drops of frankincense
I’m going for three drops of lemon and then I’m going to put four drops of
cedar wood in one two three four now I don’t know if you noticed or not but
that oil came out the slowest and that’s because it’s the thickest and that’s
based on the organic chemistry so now what I do is I take my cotton swab and I
swish it around in the plate and I am doing that just to make sure I absorb
all of the essential oil then I’m going to place it in the bottom of the main
part I’m going to take the plug and I’m gonna snap it into place
then I’m going to spell it smells beautiful and then I’ll place the
cap on it and now I have my inhaler to use anytime
I want to be calm centered focused and fully present thanks so much
enjoy your personal inhaler. By the way if you want more information about the
Florida School of Massage or about our community and other classes that we have
here we’re gonna put the link up here and down below

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