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(ethereal music) – Welcome to Aromahead Institute. I want to show you how to make an inhaler for muscle tension. Usually when we make
blends with essential oils for muscle tension, we make
them in an oil or in a cream and we apply them, you know,
right were the tension is. However, an inhaler can be
a fantastic addition to that and can really reduce tension
and calm your muscles. So we have these blank inhalers. Have a couple colors of them. And they have a few parts. There’s the cover and then there’s the part that you’re gonna sniff. And there’s a little white
cotton piece that goes, the essential oil goes onto here. And then we have a little cap
that covers the whole thing. So if you know your
recipe like we do today, it’s a very simple process. You would simply put the
cotton right into the inhaler. And if I’m making this for
myself, I’m just using my hands and I’m gonna put this right
in there and drop the oils in. But let’s say I was making this for you. I wouldn’t necessarily
want to be touching it. So I would have it in a bowl and I would use tweezers to pick it up and I would use tweezers
to just drop it in here so I wouldn’t touch it. I could also wear gloves. So I’m gonna put the essential oils in and the recipe today calls
for ten drops of rosemary. So I’m just gonna drop
right onto the cotton. That’s ten. And the rosemary is going to
create a lot of circulation. It’s going to clear your head. Let’s say this headache happened to be from a sinus infection or allergies, this would be really great too. Muscle tension’s only one of the ways that you could use this inhaler. With the black spruce I’m
gonna to add three drops. And then I’m gonna add
three drops of lavender. And the lavender is gonna
to be really calming for the muscle pain and tension. Same with the black spruce. I’m just gonna add one drop of peppermint. There we go. And peppermint is great for pain and will really help with circulation. So there all in there,
it smells incredible. And I just pop the top on
and I want to hear it snap. And then I’ve got my inhaler,
just kinda roll it around a little to make sure that cotton absorbs all the essential oil. And then I would just use it like this. (sniffs) That’s amazing. (sniffs) Great. And it’ll effect your nervous system, calm you down, release tension and it’s a great addition
to a topical blend for muscle tension.

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