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(upbeat music) – Hey guys, welcome to another installment of Ask Doctor Mike. This time, all of the
questions are coming from you. So I’m really excited to
answer all of your questions. Let’s get to it. – Gotta question, I just
recently got my wisdom teeth taken out, and I have four
huge holes in my mouth. How can I get them to
close as quick as possible? – Getting your wisdom teeth taken out is definitely a painful experience. I had all four of mine taken out, and they were all impacted. It really did hurt, so I feel you. There is no secret way to
speed up the healing process. The best thing that you
can do is prevent infection by keeping the area clean. Really what’s the number one thing that you shouldn’t do is smoke. Smoking does prolong healing time, and that’s the number one thing that we talk to our
patients during surgeries is that they should stop
smoking as soon as possible. – So I just found out that
I’m gluten intolerant. Can you explain what
is gluten intolerance, why it can happen, and what is the effect to my body if I still consume gluten? Can I eat like one, two, three, four or five small bites
for a treat for myself? Is it dangerous? Thanks Doctor Mike. – Bella, gluten intolerance
is a very popular subject right now, but the way that
I like to break it down to my patients is that there’s
two types of gluten issues. One is celiac disease, you’ve
heard about it in the news. And celiac disease is actual damage, in your intestines, from eating gluten, which is a protein byproduct of wheat. In celiac disease, when you consume wheat your body has an auto-immune response. Which means that your own
body attacks its own cells because of an over-reaction
to the wheat product, and you get physical
damage in your intestines. Now, the second part of this is something called non-celiac wheat sensitivity. There’s people that
are sensitive to wheat, but not necessarily to
the gluten component. In non-celiac wheat sensitivity we don’t have the research to back up what happens if you continue eating wheat. However, my opinion, you
should not eat wheat, because it’s gonna make you feel better, and you’ll be in less of a fog. You’ll have less diarrhea, less bloating. So if you do have symptoms
from eating wheat, just don’t eat it. Okay, that’s a great question Faez, and it really does give
strength to the statement that you can die of too much of anything. So yes, you can die of
taking too much water because you limit your body’s ability to properly manage the
electrolytes within your system. Electrolytes are crucial for managing everyday life functions,
like making your brain work, your heart work, or even your kidneys. – What do you recommend
for people with IBS, ’cause we both worry about our
intestines on a daily basis. Thanks Doctor Mike. – Hey girls, if you do
have IBS and it’s true, treatment depends on which
type of IBS you have. There’s IBS that’s mostly
diarrhea-predominant. There’s IBS constipation-predominant. And there’s also a mixed version as well. For mild disease or symptoms you can do some dietary modifications. There’s a specific diet
that we put patients on who suffer from IBS, called a FODMAP diet. What that diet does is
it excludes certain foods that your body’s unable to digest, and the bacteria in your
stomach are able to digest. So it causes that uncomfortable
bloating feeling, pain, and it really does mess
with your bowel movements. If you’re able to eliminate
those types of foods, people do see an improvement
in their symptoms. If you do have a moderate or severe form of the illness, there are medications that you can use to treat your illness. However, in order to
get those medications, and to find out what medications are suited best for your symptoms, it’s important to go see your doctor. – Hi Doctor Mike, my question for you is how can I improve my eczema,
because none of the products that my dermatologists have
recommended towards me, or pretty much anything that
I’ve been attempting to doing hasn’t really worked that well. What can I do myself,
like involving nutrition, or stuff that I can kinda control that’s not super financially expensive. – Eczema’s a very tricky illness, and I understand your frustration. If you’ve already seen a
dermatologist they’ve probably discussed some of the
treatment options with you. Talking about UV light
therapy, steroid creams, maybe even medications that
affect your immune system. But like you said, those
are expensive modifications, expensive treatments, some of them do come with side-effects. Links between eczema flares and diet has been a popular subject
that’s been up for debate. It’s not clear what the link is, but we certainly know
that a link does exist. I don’t like recommending to my patients eliminating certain
foods from their diets, but this is a great time
to have a conversation with your dermatologist or
your primary care doctor to get tested for food allergies. Because there is a relationship in those who have food allergies to those who have worsening eczema. If you’re able to find out early on that you have a food
allergy, and you’re able to eliminate that specific
food from your diet, it’s possible that your
eczema flares will decrease, or at least that when they do
happen they won’t be as bad. – Hey Doctor Mike, my question for you is how and when did you know which area of medicine you wanted to specialize in? – I chose family medicine specifically, because I love continuity of care. I love being able to communicate with my patients every single day, and also I love not limiting myself to focusing on one specific
body part or organ. I think the beauty of family medicine lies in that I’m able to see the effect my treatment has on my patient. I’m able to see how it
improves their lives, and that’s incredibly rewarding. – Hi Doctor Mike, I’m involved in a lot of sporting activities, and I tend to sprain my ankles when I play sports. I was wondering if there
is anything that I can do to help strengthen my
ankles, like an exercise. That way I won’t hurt
them as much as I do. – Hey Anna, the way that
you prevent ankle injuries is through improving your proprioception, which is your body’s ability
to know where your limbs are at all times, even
without seeing them. The best way to strengthen
your ankle and prevent injuries is to do proprioception exercises. The first one that I want
all my patients to try is to stand on one foot, of
course without a sneaker, with their hands to
their sides, eyes open, and see how long they
could hold that position. Then to make the exercise a little harder, you can take your arms and
put them at your sides, which will make it, the balancing
a little more difficult. And then the next part, very challenging, is to do the same thing with your arms at your sides, but close your eyes and see how long you
can hold that position. The longer you can hold that position the less likely you are
to have an ankle injury. You can certainly see
your physical therapist who will teach you more advanced exercises and work with you directly
to prevent future injuries. I see, over and over
again, people claiming that vitamin D’s the
cure-all for all illnesses. And clearly it’s not the case. There’s been a huge uproar,
and uptick in studies, and articles coming out recently saying that Americans are
taking too much vitamin D now. I’ve said this maybe two months ago in a YouTube video called
Are Vitamins Fake News? Check out that video and see
the real deal on vitamin D. – I would like it if you
could explain to people why asthma has many different levels. Why some people find
one puff with an inhaler will help them, and other
people with severe asthma like myself need nebulizers
and oxygen therapy, because I feel like
people still take asthma as a bit of a joke, and they seem to think that people with asthma are
hypochondriacs and things. I’ve spent many times in ICU,
I’ve been critically ill. I’ve had pleurisy, I’ve had many things and I’ve been told by friends, “You know, if you’re
gonna be making that noise “can you go home, ’cause
you’re annoying me.” I’ve been asked if I could be quiet. And so, if you could maybe feature this and answer the question,
that would be amazing. And I would really appreciate it because I feel like (laughs) I’m
talking to a brick wall when I try to explain to people. Coming from a doctor it might be better. Thanks Mike. – First of all, to all those who said, “Asthma’s a joke,” they
are completely wrong, they don’t know what
they’re talking about, and I’m so sorry you
had to go through that. Asthma’s a very serious illness and I’ve had to intubate otherwise healthy 16-year-olds with the illness. There are levels to asthma,
you have mild asthma moderate asthma and severe asthma. There’s further classifications, but that’s for your doctor to worry about. And the difference between
the levels of asthma is the difference between
the types of medications you need to take. So for the more severe
asthma, you’re gonna need to take controller medications, ones to prevent asthma attacks from happening in the first place. Versus for mild, intermittent asthma you can just have a rescue
inhaler and use it as needed. You clearly have a more
advanced case of asthma, so you do need to be on
a controller medication, and I’m so sorry you had to go through all of this ridicule from your friends, because they don’t know
what they’re talking about. Alright guys it’s time
for the lightening round. What is the healthiest way to burn fat? HIIT, high intensity interval training. It’s where you build muscle
and burn fat at the same time. How can I get fatter? Really though? Well, you could sleep
less than six hours a day, eat a ton of carbs and
be a huge couch potato. How to deal with insomnia. Insomnia’s tricky because you need to get a full history,
and a full physical exam, and sometimes get some lab work done. Not an easy question to
answer, go see your doctor. If you weren’t a doctor, what other career would you have pursued? Detective, I love investigating, and that’s frankly what I
do every day as a doctor. How do you remove eye bags? Eye bags make me not confident, thanks. Eye bags can be removed with a cold spoon, or fillers, I’ve seen some great results. What type of doctor are you? Family medicine, the
best specialty out there. (bell pings) What’s the most challenging
part of being a doctor? Constantly refreshing your knowledge. Things change every single day, and it’s important that
you stay up-to-date. I really enjoyed answering
all of your questions today. I wasn’t able to get to
all of the questions, and if you still have something that you’re itching to learn about, leave a comment down below,
I’ll make sure to get to it. And I hope you’re excited for the next installment of Ask Doctor Mike. “Leave a comment down below,
I’ll be sure to get to it.” Why did I highlight, “be sure,”
it doesn’t make any sense. And it’s really one of those diagnoseses (rolls tongue)
(blows raspberry) – [Speaker] Diagnosises. – Yes, that’s a mouthful. (clears throat)

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