Ask the Doctor: Pet Allergies

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Cat and dog allergy is a delicate subject.
The conventional and traditional training on this is that if you have a cat or a dog,
and you’re allergic to the cat or the dog, you need to get rid of the cat or the dog.
But, in formal analyses of that point, a tiny minority of people actually will get rid of
their cat and dog when told to. Actually, the number was nine percent in one study.
And, you know, these animals are part of the family. I actually have a cat and dog allergy,
and please don’t tell the people who trained me, but getting rid of a cat and dog as the
cornerstone approach is advice that I myself have not been able to follow. I do keep the
animals out of the bedroom and, swear to God, I’ve got a HEPA filter in my bedroom running
as we speak. Rinsing off the animals can be helpful. Medicines can help muffle those symptoms,
and allergy shots are another approach that can be utilized for treating people with cat
and dog allergy.

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