#AskDrBob: “Is DHEA Safe?”, Ammonia, & Cholesterol

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– Hello Everybody. This is Dr. Bob DeMaria, with
another episode of #AskDrBob and I’d like to invite you to join me here in our Westlake, Ohio office, or our Naples, Florida practice, or you could contact us online, we could do a consultation
with you on the phone or Skype, or however the best way
for us to connect with you. Question number one:
“Dr. Bob, is DHEA safe?” And yours… The person asking this was 29 years old, was low and the doctor told
her not to worry about it. Let me, simply tell you this: Here’s an imaginary cholesterol, and cholesterol becomes
something call pregnenolone, and pregnenolone becomes progesterone. Now progesterone has to make a choice. Does it make cortisone, or
does it go over to make DHEA? What I have found, when you’re
underneath a lot of stress and your cortisone levels are
high, your DHEA will be low. Stress will lower your DHEA. We use a product called
7-Keto-Zyme, 25 milligrams. Next question. “How can a person”, this is first time
we’ve ever had this one, “lower their ammonia levels?” Now this is a part of protein breakdown, it’s very possible that you may have some kidney or some liver distress, and may suggest you may want to purchase “Dr. Bob’s Drugless
Guide to Detoxification.” You want to support
kidney and liver health. Sometimes you might need some B vitamins. I would suggest maybe an OptiChem profile to check out your values to find out how your physiology is doing. Another good question. “Dr. Bob, can cataracts
be cured naturally?” It’s kind of like a Catch-22. If the cataracts are already there, I’m not saying they can
or cannot be reversed. But cataracts are caused by an imbalance of
calcium and phosphorous, which too much calcium in
relationship to phosphorous. We do a blood test that includes the calcium-phosphorous ratio. It should be 10 parts calcium,
four parts phosphorous. I would encourage you to get “Dr. Bob’s Guide to Prevent Surgery.” You could buy just one
chapter, the Cataract Chapter. Go to DruglessDoctor.com
for more information. “Dr. Bob, after having
the stent procedure, my doctor removed the
prescription blood thinner from my protocol and now I
take a low dose aspirin”. And you wanted to know, that you drink water, will that help? I would encourage you to do
the Omega Oils Serum Profile to have your Omega-3
and -6 levels checked. Oftentimes we see elevated Omega-6 levels which will cause inflammation. We use oils as a natural blood thinner. We also use a product
called Intenzyme Forte. It’s a plant-based enzyme. “My husband has seen
improvement with ear ringing but is taking a particular product that has a lot of unnatural ingredients”. We use something in our practice called Bio-AE-Mulsion Forte. It’s 12,000 international
units of vitamin A per drop. It may help some. Sometimes it’s tough
with these #AskDrBob’s because I’m telling you
things that we have seen. We’ve had improvement with AE-Mulsion. I’d personally take two drops every day. “Dr. Bob, is an A1C of 6.5
pre-diabetic or type 2 diabetes?” I’m going to tell you this: You’re heading in the wrong direction. So you’re going to want to lose weight and manage your blood sugar. And we also have a protocol
for that which is GlucoBalance, but you just don’t want to take a product without changing your lifestyle. Last question. “I heard you mention
apple, beets and carrots “to lower your cholesterol.” You’ve been doing this regularly and you wanted to know
how long will it take to impact your cholesterol levels. This is a very good question. Beets and carrots and apples
will help your cholesterol if it’s due to a dietary issue. What I mentioned earlier, and you might want to
go back to when I talked about cholesterol becoming
pregnenolone and progesterone, if your cholesterol is
elevated because of stress, the beets probably will not help you. So I mentioned that a long time
ago about beets and carrots. Yes, beets will help. But it’s gonna help most
if you have a dietary issue and we talk about that in “Dr. Bob’s Trans-Fat Survival Guide.” Lot of really tremendous
questions, thank you so much. I’m Dr. Bob DeMaria.

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