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Chick Happens
ASMR Hello
My name is Cindy Welcome to
the allergy center. Can I get your name please?
And date of birth? Okay and
Can you verify the last four of your social?
Okay, that’s great. So I understand
you’ve had some bad
experiences over the Spring
and Fall I think
you have allergies. I myself do have allergies
and they’re no fun, are they?
No. So what I’ll be doing today
is testing you
for the known allergens that you indicated.
Right, okay? So if you can just have a seat.
I’ll get things ready. Okay.
So, what happens is I’m going to be applying
ten known
allergens We’re seeing more and more
people that come in with
asthma environmental allergies
Okay. So what I’ll be doing is
I’ll need your forearm right or left?
whichever you prefer. Usually people who are
right handed prefer the testing
on their left. Okay.
Spraying some of this anti-bacterial onto your arm
and How are you doing
are you okay? That’s good.
Everyone is a little bit afraid of the allergy tests
but it’s minimally invasive.
This is a medical grade marker that will allow me to write on
your skin So, I’m going to be testing you
for ten things today. We have
grass trees
pollen cats
dogs dust mites
mold ragweed
tobacco Let me just mark from
one to ten. And I also have a control
that I have to put on which is histamine.
and going to draw myself
some lines alright.
So I have some sterile bottles
and they are all marked
with the known allergens So what I’ll do is
I’ll place a drop
on each corresponding
number and then I’ll
make a teensy little scratch with a
lancet and then
we’ll wait about fifteen minutes
and then we’ll see how your skin reacts.
Okay? Alright.
Okay. The first
is for the antihistamine.
and now we have the grass the trees
cats dogs
dust mites mold
ragweed tobacco
now I’m going to be taking a little
tiny lancet they are disposable
and you won’t feel a thing
okay? So, first the histamine
grass trees
pollen cats
dogs dust mites
mold ragweed
and tobacco
There we go. All done.
Wasn’t so bad was it?
Okay. So, what will happen now
is we’ll wait fifteen minutes
and then we’ll come back and see if you have any
raised wheals or hives
on your testing area.
okay? So would you like a magazine
or something? Okay.
If you need anything let me know.
Okay. Okay, so
I’m back and let me take a look
you reacted to
the histamine that was expected
just a little bit on the trees
grass is fine pollen, yes
cats, yes dogs, no
dust mites, yes mold, no
ragweed, yes and tobacco
no. Alright, so now
I’m going to need to measure
the trees okay
and pollen cats
dust mites mold
and ragweed.
okay. Looks like you
had the biggest reaction
to the dust mites
and the cats. Right.
So now How are you feeling?
Are you doing okay? Okay.
I’ll be wiping off your arm.
Does that feel better? This is a little bit of Benadryl.
on it … to help the itching
to go down. Are you taking anything
over the counter? Okay, well
Claritin is very, very good
You can buy it over the counter or we can prescribe it
for you. In the meantime,
The important thing to know about
the cats, obviously, you would have to avoid
touching them if you do touch them
you must wash your hands afterwards.
Dust mites live in bedding
on your pillows in your furniture
just about everywhere.
So, I recommend that you buy some
hypo-allergenic pillows
I guess they sell them at any department store.
and also be sure to wash
your bedding and things like that
often. At least once a week.
And be sure to vacuum and dust. What was that? Right.
Well, the Claritin is good because
it does not make you drowsy and
it doesn’t make you all hyped up.
Right, a lot of the allergy medications make you really
drowsy. Right, so we’ll try this first.
And we’ll see if we have any improvement.
I’m going to write down your prescription.
and I’ll have the nurse
phone it in to the pharmacy, okay? What pharmacy do you use?
Okay. It was very nice to see you
and thanks for coming in.
Bye bye.

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  1. Thanks for the role play Cindy! Btw I'm allergic to pollen (ఠ_ఠ) and I hate it.  What can you prescribe Doctor?

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