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– It’s me, Mario! Grumpy. I love him! Hi guys! Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. How are you all doing today? I hope you’re doing really,
really, really well. So, just a quick disclaimer,
I am not eating real toys or real figurines, this is made
with 100% real ingredients, it is completely safe, so, yeah. But before we get into this video, I want you all to go to my
Instagram, follow your girl, and the first 20 people to DM me your favorite video game of
all time, I will respond to. All right, let’s just jump right in. So, what we have here,
ladies and gentleman, is a Mario, we have our mushroom guy, or toad, no not toad, wait is it toad? We have this block, usually
it has a question mark on it, but I have the number
25 because I turn 25. Lemme just like, go grab
my inhaler or something because, guys, I’m turning 25. Like, is that a joke? No, sadly, it’s not. I wish I was joking, but I’m not. Yeah, so 25, basically another
25 years and I will be 50. I’ll be 50. I just got super depressed
thinking about that. So, let’s not go there, okay. So, back to what I was talking about. We have our, what’s that guy called? Holy frick, I’m literally failing at this. Great. I know Luigi, I know Luigi and Mario don’t worry, guys, don’t worry. And then this guy, it
starts with a G, a Goomba? A Goomba, we have a
Goomba, all right, Goomba and then this little bomb guy. Oh, we have mustaches. I’m literally the weirdest person. I actually have a mustache,
are you guys ready for this? Okay so. Come on. It’s a 10. Oh yeah, she’s hot. Why am I puffing up? Like it’s a chest. So I can’t really breathe
very well with this, ’cause like right there
in my nose, you know? Actually, that’s better. Yeah, I could wear this the whole time, but you know what, I feel
like it’s very distracting. Do you not agree? Let’s not do that. Let’s go in right now, and we’re gonna eat one of these stars. Look at this. I literally love Mario Party so much, and then when you get the stars you feel like you just accomplished
the world or something, or like won an Olympic award. Anyways, let’s go. Let’s do this one. Yummy, okay. Let’s do our little Bob-omb. Look at him. He’s so cute. Cheers. All right, guys. It’s me, Mario! Here we go. Wow. That chocolate, I just
got that from Bullet Parm but that was tasty! Wow. Now for Mr. Goomba, Goomba, Goomba. Awe, why so grumpy? Okay, enough. One, two, three. Like, fondant is good, but like, eh, too much is too much,
you know what I’m sayin’? Now for this guy. I actually forget what this is called. I’m very sorry. I’m very, very sorry. Okay, because I’ve
already had two cookies, and then that one’s three, I’m just gonna move on with the cakes. Let’s start with this,
oh, okay, no, no, no. I’m so excited! Like, (laughs) okay, this is crazy. The little Bob-ombs. I’m just gonna go right in for it. Oh gosh, okay, nope, nope, okay. Okay let’s get his body. Oh my gosh. So this is a cupcake, and
then this Rice Krispie on top. All right, now. All right, one, two, three. Okay, let’s actually cut into this. Ooh, wow my cutting is brutal. Wow. Here we go. Um, okay. I’m just going to go over
to this guy for a second. Let’s eat our little guy, our little bomb. Okay. It’s me, Mario! He’s literally the cutest. Oh my gosh. I love him! Oh my gosh. Look, the cutest face, really, yeah. Well, too bad we’re gonna eat him! All right, let’s go. Okay. Let’s go. Oh my gosh, why does he taste so good? All right. All right, I’m just going to. Okay, no. Oh my gosh. Okay, so oh, there’s the head. There is a head. Yeah, so it’s slightly mangled, sorry. But it’s, this looks like Christmas and I’m totally about
it, so let’s eat this. Okay. Oh my goodness, I need a napkin. Well, that was delicious. We had a lot of options today. Also those little toads in
the front are just cake pops, and I already had a cake pop, that’s why I didn’t eat all
of them, you know what I mean? But, I really, really, really
hope you guys enjoyed this. Let me know if you did, and give me more character suggestions
because I’m thinkin’ of doing like a full
Halloween sort of style thing. Every eating video for
the whole month of October is gonna be a different character, so lemme know what you
guys think of that idea, and maybe I’ll do it. All right, I love you guys so, so much, and I’ll see you very, very, very soon. Goodnight.


  1. HI MY LIL HUNNI BUNS 🥰❤️ eating starts at 4:04!! What character theme should I do next for the month of October??!! 👻🎃👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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  7. Зо што?! Теперь я хочу кушать. Но видео класс❤❤❤😘😘😘

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