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enjoy Hello everybody, it’s Gibi welcome back to my channel I have gotten this video requested so many times! I have to make it, so I have done a few longer skin care videos in the past I did do a skin care routine video, and I’ve done quite a few like spa roleplays, where I go through my actual products that I use but…time and time again I ask what you guys wanna see and I keep getting skin care routine, so this one’s going to be, not so long I think when I make them too long, you know for the ASMR effect, you end up not getting to look at the products, because it’s either too long, or you’re asleep, or whatnot, so this is going to be whispered, so it’s ASMR style, but.. I’m going to go through the products at a more normal rate so this video is not going to be too long at all I’m aiming for around 10 minutes, and I’m already almost two minutes in, okay I won’t rush though, I’ll know ok, so, I’m gonna go in order step number one water I feel like people say this every single time but it’s true for almost a full month now I have been drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day and it, it makes a difference it makes a difference I will say that my skin right now, is actually the worst it’s been, the worst it’s been in a long time but it’s kinda like um, that time of the month, ya know what I’m sayin? So. I will chalk it up to that so.. You’re hydrated now it’s time to wash your face, right? Ok so what I start with, first, pull my hair back rinse my face and I just started using this this is the Dermalogica precleanse this is an oil so you’re supposed to use this with dry hands, and a dry face, but I keep rinsing my face first Don’t do that. I’m trying to not do that. I keep forgetting but this is an oil, so water’s not gonna help it you want to put it on dry hands, dry face and this will dissolve surface oil and dirt then…you wet your hands and get it all nice and milky I keep going right to that step so you have your precleanse then my cleanser itself, I just switched to start using this really pretty bottle it’s called Clarity and this is the cleanse daily vitamin infused cleanser removes impurities and nourishes skin it.. it doesn’t foam up too much I think it was a little hard to get used to at first, I felt like my skin wasn’t getting any soap or cleanser on it but I think it’s just not really a foaming cleanser so I do usually like a pump of this and always take your time and massage in circles around your whole face after that my skin is.. clean and if it is nighttime I wash my face morning and night, in the morning I will not have any makeup on because I had taken it off the night before If it’s nighttime, I’ll also be using this This is the Beauty Guarde Lash and Brow shampoo it is very weird to use It comes with this brush on the end, and you squeeze it a little soap comes out. So, I’ll squeeze it on the back of my hand and then you literally put it on your eyeball like eyelashes, eyebrows, and massage it in for something that goes on your eyes, this stings if you get it in your eyeballs, so keep your eyes closed nice and tight, and don’t like you know, move around, because then the soap will get in it but this is…godly at taking off mascara, eyeliner, etc and if you have lash extensions, I do not, you can use them on …you can use this with them as well so I got a naked face now what? I start with a spray now I don’t have it with me, so let me grab it so this is, the ultra calming mist from dermalogica it is… it’s got like one day left in it and I gotta get another one so after I …aggressively….yet gently, washed my face spray this does not have any sort of like scent or anything to it and it tastes kind of bad if you get it in your mouth so… jussayin’ but I have very sensitive skin, and, everything I use has been fine for me which is really good alright… after that… I will do, my little breakout control this comes in a tiny bottle because you only need a little bit you get like a little…and you just put it on places where you are actually breaking out I think it just sort of like dries it up.. clears, controls and prevents breakouts – it’s like a little gel it does not have benzoyl peroxide um, which I think can be kind of drying, so what I do is I just put it on spots, and then I let it dry that’s when I brush my teeth because you don’t want to just like put it on and then immediately like rub it off during the next steps, so I let it dry and soak in after that we’ve got our….eminess, eminence, Eminence organic skincare 8 greens youth serum I always wanted something in my skin routine that came in a bottle like this, so I feel very fancy when I use it so this… this is way too much for your whole face – you need about like this much for your whole face you drip, drip, drip and then rub it in nice and serum-ed uh but we have to… contain and protect our youth – it is fleeting and after … that…. depending if it’s morning or night I will use one of two moisturizers the one I’ve been using since summer started, for the daytime is a Dermalogica one. It’s their age smart series. It’s called Dynamic Skin Recovery and it’s SPF 50 this has a pretty…. um… pretty strong like perfumed scent to it so you have to make sure that you like how it smells but I would say like ……. two pumps of this will cover my whole face and you really do want to put a sunscreen on your face every day even in the winter, even when it’s cloudy but definitely, especially in the summer so that’s what I’ve been using during the day At night, I got this really randomly and I actually really like it I use the Olay Regenerist Luminous Overnight Mask let me show you what it looks like it’s like super … jiggly …gel… and you don’t need much of this at all, if you do too much it’s kind of like slimy but this I rub all over my face and I am ready to go to sleep also at night, I will do eye cream this is another gel, from Olay and you need like… such a small amount I’ve always heard that you’re supposed to start eye cream like as early as late late teens to early twenties because it’s not really like you can go back so you’re just sort of you know, preventing wrinkles and sagging when you don’t have it so there’s that little eye cream and then, I’ve actually always wondered if you just did one eye, eye cream your whole life and compare the two… but I don’t want to be the old woman with like one saggy eye then.. I do one of two lip masks, or treatments my favorite one is this I actually don’t even know how to pronounce it lani- lanigee? I am not a beauty youtuber! lip sleeping mask first of all, it smells delicious, I don’t even know what flavor it is, to be honest it’s like berry second of all, it comes with this tiny little baby… lip… spatula so it gets, um on the spatula and I would usually do it again on my upper lip cuz like you’re going to sleep – you can have glossy lips no one’s gonna see you or at least no one that should care about your glossy lips so I’ll either do that one cuz you guys know I have very… dry skin on my lips – I think it’s genetic because a lot of my family members do as well but I bite my lips a lot too this has seriously, seriously helped like you can notice, in my like videos the other one I have is the… ?? I dunno- everything’s in French it’s just a … I actually got this in Canada It’s like an extreme lip balm, almost and that one works, as well but I prefer … this one ok so that is my multi step skin care routine basically all I change is different moisturizers at night and I’ll do eye cream and lip mask at night as well so in total I have one.. two… three… four… five… six. Six main steps then I can use this my eye cream, and my lip mask so in total I would use nine products a night, six to nine for other days…. I have been slacking, but usually twice a week I like to do some sort of extra mask I had a, um what’s it called, when it’s like grainy exfoliating mask but I ran out, so I have to get another one So. A couple times a week I will do either a clay mask, and this only stays on for five minutes so it’s perfect for right like when you go… you like, put it on and then , you like, turn the shower on maybe not for five minutes….. but like, you put it on, maybe like throw your laundry in, make your bed, turn the shower on, then you’re good to rinse it off this one smells like…. it smells like clay this is not a roleplay, stop it Gibi, “stawp it” “Vee-shee” and… if I’m feeling super crusty, I’ll use this as my cleanser because it’s an exfoliant I do not think you’re supposed to use exfoliant every day I would say I use this two, maybe three, times a week but it just feels more scrubby, so if I’m super, super … crusty, I also just got this so if I’m feeling, again, super crusty I’ll do these together just cuz it, you know, really gets in there and then I also have this sunscreen as well for an option It’s the Olay…. whipped this is what I used before I got that moisturizer and I like that, as well We did it! That’s my skincare routine. I will say I got most of these products because I went to a professional I got a facial and asked her what she recommended I would like to go more often to get professional facials but you know…. kind of expensive Let me know if you liked this video It was a little longer than I anticipated, but also shorter than my usual vids, so hopefully we hit a sweet spot there, informative but not too dragged out Thank you guys so much for watching enjoy your beautiful skin I know almost nothing about it, I just make sure that I kind of follow these steps they all make sense to me, and um, work well for my skin but I would say one of the biggest things you can invest in, is going to a professional and getting a facial and asking for their advice they will try to push products on you um, and if you don’t want the ones that they are offering because they can like get pretty expensive pretty fast, just making sure, um, you sort of just get their advice on what kind of products you need you know, like do you need a toner, do you need a spot treatment, do you need to exfoliate more, etc but, if you’re tryin’ to go all in, you know, just like buy the products that they’re recommending and make sure you stick to your schedule get products that you’re excited about, so you are happy and excited to use them on your face every day that’s pretty much all my advice my skin has never been the best, but I will say it is the best it has ever been since I’ve really started being more… you know, strict with washing my face, morning, night, all my products so ya… good luck! I know it can be really frustrating so take your time, be kind to yourself and enjoy! Goodnight everybody!

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