Asthma action plan changed their lives

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I was devastated I didn’t know what to
think I don’t know what to do I’m like how can I find help to get this under
control just Sonia’s two kids have asthma when
parents come in with a sick child who can’t breathe it’s a very scary event in
their lives we were in the edu lot and I’m trying to figure out you know what
what’s going on like what’s wrong with them why they breathing the way they are
it was crazy asthma absolutely can be emotionally
taxing it wasn’t easy having two kids with asthma it’s you know what they do
struggle for both for them it affects the entire family if the child has
asthma it can affect the parents ability to go to work because the child is home
sick it can affect the child’s attendance at school so certainly has a
huge social impact our mission at Baystate is to serve the community we
employ community health workers for the healthy homes of asthma program health
workers will go into the home and actually assess the home find triggers
that are causing the asthma exacerbations and remediate those and if
you learn more and can can actually control an environment for your child
it’s really life changing they came out they show me what I can do to change
things they were a big help to give me a lot of information sicinius openness to
actually accepting and making changes for her family is so empowering
Baystate Health and their partnership in the community allows us to change lives
significantly we haven’t been in TV for 8 bucks and they’re so active they make
me happy now that everything’s better they like
playing outside they like climbing things they’re all over the place it’s
wonderful base days help advancing care enhancing lives

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