Asthma: Alexis’ Story

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I’m Alexis. And I’m 12. And I’ve had asthma since
I was three years old. I don’t think that asthma
stops me in doing anything that I’m interested in doing. I swim four days a week
during the school year. And then in the summer, I swim
five days a week every morning. And when I’m not
swimming, I really love to read, and
listen to music, and hang out with my friends. When I had my first
coughing fit it was very scary because
you’re just coughing nonstop. And you’re like, well, is
this ever going to stop? But now that I’ve had
them a couple of times, I know that it’s going to stop. And you just got to
take your medicine. The kind of thing that
makes my asthma worse is definitely in the winter
when the cold and exercising, like running outside, or
even swimming inside– that’s definitely when
the asthma acts up. Sometimes if I do a very
intense workout or something, it can get bad. And I’ll have to take
my emergency inhaler. The way that I stay
on top of my asthma, I take my medicine
morning and night. And I remember before I
swim to take my inhaler. Because my parents
are divorced, it’s very important to
make sure I have my medicine at both houses. Sometimes in the
winter, my asthma makes me feel different
than my friends. Because it really acts up
and I’m coughing constantly through class and stuff. That’s annoying. Most of the time I forget that
I even have asthma and I feel like all my other friends. I would say to someone
who’s just finding out they have asthma
that you can still do the activities
you like and stuff. As long as you just
listen to your doctor and take your medicine,
you can still be yourself.

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