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the following portion of daytime Blue Ridge is sponsored by food allergies affect fifteen million Americans and up until recently the only option was to avoid the food that they are allergic to but new studies suggest there might be another option and joining me to talk about it is dr. Saad you even from the asthma and allergy center thank you so much for coming on welcome Brittany I didn’t realize how many people were had out had food allergies it’s extremely common and it is a major social problem because you know kids would be often excluded from activities they have to sit at separate tables at school they can’t go for parties and it’s a lot of anxiety for patients when kids have this and as you mentioned until recently the only option was to avoid these foods but there’s a new option absolutely some this means a few studies recently that I’ve shown that patients with food allergies can be desensitized to the foods that they allergic to by a process known as oral immunotherapy okay okay so is that like letting them have just a tiny bit tiny microscopic quantities and obviously you know it has to be supervised it’s done in the office and first visitors it takes several hours and then they come up to a certain dose and they sent home and they keep taking that low dose every day for till the next week and then every week they come back to the office to increase the dose and over a period of time it’s a long process it takes about four to six months and then they are then able to tolerate those foods that that’s incredible because I mean I’ve heard stories of you know somebody having a peanut allergy and they have to announce it to the entire plane that nobody’s allowed to open up their peanuts so let’s talk about it in terms of peanuts so are you actually like are they ingesting it or is it like they are ingesting your skin okay they’re ingesting it so initially it would be a solution containing microgram quantities okay okay and the goal is to get them to be able to eat or tolerate about six to eight peanuts so it’s not exactly a cure for peanut allergy but it takes away the fear of anaphylaxis or accidental exposure and then parents can rest easy when their kids go somewhere and so it is going to be life-changing for some patients because they can participate in a lot of activities it takes it’s a huge deal and so this is something that the asthma and allergy center you guys are currently doing now we are starting to do it right now okay so we you know there’s been a lot of practices a few practices in the country who have done this and we had the asthma and allergy center proud to announce that we would be the first and the region to offer this treatment that’s so exciting so if somebody wants to come and talk to you about it what does that process look like they would call our office obviously we have to set up an appointment to discuss the whole process because it is a fairly intense treatment and then once the parents and the child have been evaluated and then we can go forward with the process if they are the appropriate candidate okay and is it only for children or can adults we’re going to start out with children because most of the studies are with kids and obviously you know the kids going to be a slightly older and then we want kids to be able to communicate to us and then they interact whether they have a problem or not during the process well this is very exciting so if somebody wants to get in touch with you all find more information about it come talk to you all how can they find you call us at 343 733 one or our website is WWF my analogy center net doctor thank you so much this is great if you want a recap or link to their website go to our website daytime blue ridge calm

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