asthma & allergy friendly Certification Program Client Council 2017

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So at Dyson we’ve
been involved in the program for
a few years with floor care products
but in the last two years or so we’ve moved into air treatment
categories so purification and
humidifiers. So our journey began
actually doing a lot of human centered
design work with new emerging
demographics which is millennial
home owners. So what we really
focused on was trying to understand what their needs are, even needs that they
don’t even know that they need yet. And so for us as were
doing research we came across
in our insulation segments that they
really value family safety. Here today we’re
really excited. We just launched our new national television initiative and we start with a parade introducing really big
news in 2013. 2014 we introduced then our carpet cleaning services were certified by
The Asthma and Allergy Foundation
of America. This year we’re really excited to announce that
our carpet cleaning, hard wood cleaning and tile and grout cleaning
are also certified. We launched our first AAFA certified products were Macys and their Martha Stewart bedding line We are very committed
to improving and making better
any indoor environment situation
that we can and so as a result
we have developed products around
indoor area quality and around healthy heating and air

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