Asthma Alternative Ways I Use to Deal With My Mild Asthma

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hi Amanda van der Gulik here from and today I was suffering from a mild asthma
attack I actually haven’t suffered from asthma in over eleven years I was not
really that prepared for it I’ve had tiny tiny little bits here and there
that over the past few weeks but today I really suffered from one that was not
nice but I remember and of course I didn’t have an inhaler because I haven’t
needed one in years but I remember a doctor once telling me my doctor in
Holland saying look if you ever suffer an asthma attack and you don’t have an
inhaler handy then here’s the tip you can use just to help open up the airways
and that tip was to chew on coffee grinds they’re not the most pleasant
thing to do but it works almost instantaneously now this is not a cure
but this is a temporary relief so you can get some good oxygen coming in until
you get to whatever it is that you need depending on how severe your asthma
attack is I have a few more tips for you and that is the first thing you need to
do in an asthma attack when the onset comes it’s just to relax and pretend you
have a birthday cake in front of you and breathe in with your mouth closed
very slowly nice and full and then purse your lips and blow out that candle twice
as long that it took to breathe in so you’re breathing in for one breath and
breathing out for two so and you just repeat this a few times
just to help calm you down open up your lungs another neat tip that I tried is
you hold your breath plug your nose hold your breath and shake your head up and
down a couple of times until you start to feel like you really need to breathe
then you let go of your nose and you breathe in slowly and let it relax and
it kind of just not sure exactly why it works but it seems to work so this is
what that looks like you just and then you just continue regular
breathing again and yeah that seems to really just open things up and then with
the coffee trick it’s the caffeine that is opening up the lungs from what I
understand so I’ve had it where I didn’t have cafe or coffee available and I
thought well what’s the most caffeinated thing I can think of and you’ve got
caffeine drinks energy drinks and also old-fashioned Cola and I’m really not a
big fan of drinking pop like at all I can’t stand the stuff
but if it means I’m going to be able to breathe better I’m okay to drink it so I
find that drinking a little bit of Cola just sipping it and letting my body
relax also helps open up the lungs and another quick one for quick relief is to
chew on really really strong mint gum again the minute just kind of opens up
the lungs and of course just drinking a cup of coffee same thing open up the
lungs so those are a couple of just quick tips if you find yourself having
an asthma attack or if you know somebody who’s having one and they don’t have an
inhaler handy and you need to just get them to calm down and open up the lungs
a little bit until you can get them the relief that they need and yeah chewing
on coffee grinds I find works the best and sipping on Colette works and chewing
on really strong minty gum and especially just keeping calm and doing
the breathing exercises I hope that helped somebody out there this helped me
and I appreciate thank you to whoever that doctor was I don’t remember his
name but thank you very much all right that’s it I hope that helps
bye guys see you later

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