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(music). School is resuming and for many
students, specifically those who suffer from asthma, face lessons
on how to manager this chronic disease. Michele Cassalia
from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has
some great tips for those who suffer from asthma and
food allergies. You might
be surprised to learn which allergens are lurking and where. (music). (VO) It’s back to school for
children across the country, but young asthma sufferers
and their families face an extra set of lessons on
managing this chronic disease. Back to school
can be stressful for parents, but if you have a
child with asthma it can be extremely stressful. You have to
deal with triggers outside the classroom and inside the
classroom. (VO) So where are
these triggers lurking? Rugs or
carpets which can collect dust mites and chalk dust, Rigorous
sports may exert your child, freshly mowed grass on the
playground, trees and weeds outside a classroom, and
chemicals used for cleaning the building and treating the lawn,
just to name a few. Some of
those outside and inside triggers can have a child go
into a full-blown severe asthma attack. Some of those symptoms
may include tightness in the chest, coughing, and wheezing. (VO) Another concern for school
children, food allergies. I
know, as a mom, it can be extremely stressful sending your
child to school with a food allergy, but if you prepare
ahead of time, and you communicate your concerns, and
the triggers, and the food allergies that your child is
dealing with, it can make the whole situation be so much more
manageable. And for more tips
and information on asthma and food allergies, visit the Asthma
and Allergy Foundation of America at or go to our

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