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>>ALL: Emergencies!>>IGGY: A good way to know when you’re
asthma is out of control is the “Rule of Twos.”>>VOICE: RULE OF TWOS!>>BRONCHO: If you’re having trouble with
your asthma more than two days a week,>>VOICE: RULE OF TWOS!>>BRONCHO: or if you need to use a Rescue
inhaler like me more than two days a week…>>VOICE: RULE OF TWOS!>>BRONCHO: …you’re asthma outta control!>>COLTRON: If you are waking up at night
because of asthma symptoms more than two nights per month… VOICE: RULE OF TWOS!>>COLTRON: …you’re asthma is also out
of control.>>IGGY: And when you’re asthma is out of
control, you should tell your doctor.>>BRONCHO: But what happens if your symptoms
have gotten so bad that taking a Rescue inhaler doesn’t help??>>IGGY: That’s an emergency!>>COLTRON: When kids are having a really
hard time breathing, the skin between their ribs, under their ribs or above their collar
bone gets sucked in and out! These are called retractions.>>IGGY: And retractions are an emergency!
And for emergencies, you need to see a doctor or go to the Emergency Department right away!>>BRONCHO: So you feel like it is an emergency,
or even if you don’t know for sure, tell and adult!>>IGGY: So now that we know a little bit
about asthma and what kind of symptoms you can have, lets learn how to use the inhalers!>>VOICE: RULE OF TWO…>>IGGY: OK! THEY GET IT!>>VOICE: SORRY!

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