Asthma Attack – Symptoms & The Correct Treatment (translated by student)

By Adem Lewis / in , , /

when a person with asthma comes into contact with something that irritates their Airways an asthma trigger the muscles around the balls of the airways tighten so that the Airways become narrower and the lining of the Airways becomes inflamed and starts to swell sometimes sticky mucus or phlegm builds up which can further narrow the Airways common triggers include house dust mites animal fur pollen tobacco smoke cold air and chest infections the recognition signs and symptoms shortness of breath coughing difficulty breathing out we using distress and anxiety difficulty in speaking gray blue skin tones they become exhausted let’s now look at the treatment asthma is a very serious medical condition and immediate action is required firstly help your casually into a comfortable position and if possible a sitting position this is leaning slightly forward taking pressure off the chest wall then calm and reassure your casualty the most important consideration with an asthma attack is to encourage the casualty to use their own prescribed medication this is usually in the format of a reliever inhaler the blue inhaler is the most common color for the reliever and medication however the Cache team may have other medication and this may be in a different color the casualty is usually able to direct you with hand signals towards their inhaler because speaking will be difficult if the reliever medication has no effect or if the attack lasts more than five minutes or in fact it is the casualties first attack then you should call 999 for an ambulance so in summary very distressing for all you may feel very helpless sit your casualty up leaning slightly forward use of their own medication usually a reliever inhaler calm and reassure

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