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The world seems to spin so fast that sometimes you feel like you need to stop. and catch your breath. For a growing number of Australians, the simple act of breathing is getting harder, and harder. At Asthma Australia, we’ve been helping people to breathe better since 1962. We’ve learned that there’s a powerful joy in being able to breathe freely. To be spontaneous. To participate. To compete. To sing at the top of your lungs. It’s time to reach your full potential. To feel uninhibited, and see life through a lens of limitless opportunity. We know that we need to discard old ways of thinking that keep people stuck in the same treatment cycles without sustained improvement or change. Asthma needs to spoken for. It’s time to break free. At Asthma Australia we dream big. We inspire. We say what needs to be said and ask the questions that still need to be answered. We’ve built a community that supports and guides those who need it and empowers them to take control. Using the latest treatment and research We are helping people to achieve well being where they work, live, and play. Change is in the air. Our spotlight shines brightly on people with asthma helping them to breathe life in. We are making the most of every breath to enable Australians to live freely today and look forward to a better tomorrow.

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