Asthma Awareness Message

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ADMINISTRATOR JACKSON: Asthma is a serious
disease and we are working together to raise awareness about the need to make the air cleaner
and healthier for everyone, especially kids and adults with asthma. DR. RIZZO: Every day, I see patients who suffer
from asthma, men, women and children who are struggling just to breathe. Too often, these
attacks are brought on by preventable triggers. More than 25 million Americans, including
seven million children, suffer from asthma. Patients with asthma are especially vulnerable
to indoor and outdoor air pollution, which can trigger severe asthma attacks, lead to
hospitalization and can even kill. We at the American Lung Association work with
EPA to protect the air we ALL breathe. ADMINISTRATOR JACKSON: Protecting the air
we breathe and preventing asthma is not just my job it’s also part of my life. Over the
years, both of my sons have struggled with asthma. I know what it’s like to help a child
fight this disease, and how it feels to rush to the emergency room to help him breathe.
That’s why I am dedicated to protecting the health and environment for all Americans. The EPA will continue to raise awareness,
while protecting the air we breathe from major sources of pollution, but the millions of
Americans battling asthma need your help. DR. RIZZO: Start by getting the facts about
clean air and how it helps millions of people. ADMINISTRATOR JACKSON: Visit EPA’s website, to get more information and learn how to avoid common asthma triggers. DR. RIZZO: Learn more about managing asthma
and the American Lung Association’s work at Clean air can be a lifesaver
for kids and adults with asthma. ADMINISTRATOR JACKSON: Please join us to help
raise awareness and prevent asthma attacks.

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