Asthma Can Be Handled

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Just for the parents again watching who
you know they’ve seen their child suffer through as more they’re not even sure
about it what would you like to say to reassure them that again there aren’t
treatments available and there are ways to get it under control so just a little
note of reassurance for our viewers who are worried about their child or
their teen and maybe they’ve just been diagnosed with asthma you know what
would you like to say that’s a great point I mean I think that
we all would worry if our child has anything an asthma can be very scary but
can also be very well managed and I think that educating yourselves on what
asthma is and allergies and also learning what triggers could make your
child symptoms worse and knowing that there’s so many treatments now both non
medication and medication that we can use to help manage the asthma to have
your child live as you know pretty much normal life is really the key here is
to manage it and to and to be able to to handle it so that your child is able to
be active and live a healthy productive life okay that’s so good again positive
news here it is manageable it’s just really about having the knowledge
speaking with your family physician about what your options are and having
those action plans in place and also always having the
medication at hand that’s important right remember to take it with you if
that’s what you’re using obviously it’s good to have that albuterol or
the rescue medication handy just in case symptoms to arise and also knowing the
difference if you’ve if your asthma has maybe gone from a lower category to
something that’s more persistent than maybe making sure that you use your
controller medication consistently and correctly rather than as needed and
knowing the difference between the rescue medication like the inhaler the
albuterol inhaler and the controller medication like the inhaled steroid or
something along those lines

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