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(Music) Hi, my name is Carla, and I am a
sufferer of asthma, although I feel
now that I can say that that’s something that’s in my past. I
did suffer quite severely with asthma. I carried my inhaler with me at all times.
I would eat foods that would sometimes trigger the asthma. Then a lot of times I
didn’t know what was triggering the asthma. I eat very healthy. I prepare most of
my foods myself. I don’t like store bought things with shelf life, so I thought if I
was eating this healthy and being careful about what I ingested, that what was it
that I was doing wrong. At home I went to a COPD clinic. They tested me and
said yes, I have COPD, but this is the
inhaler to use and this is the number times you
need to use it. I worried about
that to a certain extent, because it does involve steroids, and I
had a concern about that. I also did not like the rush feeling that you get
when you take those steroids. It made me feel like I was having a panic attack, so
I would be compliant for a while, and then I would choose not to be compliant
because I couldn’t stand that panicky feeling that you would get when you
would take your inhaler. I came in to see Dr. Jaudy, and he’s
clearly made some brain-based adjustments for me. I’m happy
to say that from May, 2012 until now, January, 2013, I have only had two asthma
attacks, and I know exactly what
triggered them both times. The other thing that was very serious for me was
at night, I would wake up choking to death, and I honestly couldn’t breathe. I
would be choking so hard, that I had no way to get air, and my understanding was that this
was just one of the things I would have to live with because I have asthma, and
again in that same time frame, I’ve only had that happen once since I started
working with Dr. Jaudy. So I’m very excited… to where my control
of my asthma has gone, and like I mentioned earlier, whether I even say I have
asthma any more or not would
be a question for me, because I don’t feel like I do. This has been
life altering. During the course of my time working with Dr. Jaudy, and my visits have been limited.
I was here three days in May,
and had two treatments a day, and then, I was here for one week in
August, and had two treatments a day, so this is my third time here now, only
for my second day of treatment,
so I’m not counting this one yet. In those eight days of treatments
of the organ remapping and the
brain-based treatments, sometimes they seem somewhat simple to me,
but if you look through that as you
go through the treatment and then you, you have an adjustment done or some
remapping done, you feel a neurological difference, and not really describable, it
just feels different, it feels better. I did see a chiropractor back at home, and
when I’d have an adjustment at home, there’s always a certain amount of
“no pain, no gain,” whereas, when I’m here, I’m having
treatments done, and I’m not experiencing the pain. I’m only enjoying
the gain, and it’s not just been from my asthma that the
changes have been. The organ remapping changes everything, so
I’m getting more oxygen throughout my entire body, so it’s impacting my lungs,
it’s impacting my digestive system. My feet didn’t register a temperature
when I came in here, and that has changed. And scary thing for me was I found out
that the last place, when you breathe, and the oxygen goes through
your body, the last place when
it hits is your brain, before it starts over again. Kind of startling to find out if my
feet weren’t registering a temperature. Clearly, there wasn’t a lot of blood and
oxygen getting to that area of the brains next. Where was I had headed prior
to these treatments with Dr. Jaudy? So, I truly can say it has been life altering,
and I’m very fortunate that I had the opportunity to meet
Dr. Jaudy, and have him work
with me so that I can go on to lead a life of wellness. I think the
thing that you need to think about when you’re talking about wellness or health
or longevity or quality of life, is there’s, there’s always an answer. It’s just
finding the right person. I do believe I’ve been fortunate enough
to have discovered Dr. Jaudy,
but prior to this, I went to my doctor, and I did have some health
concerns, the asthma being one of them, but I had some other concerns,
and my doctor just said, don’t worry about it. Its just some people
are like that. And I’m not a doctor. I just felt that the health concerns that I had
were concerning, when I said to the doctor, you know, logically, if you
put these pieces in place, they
don’t fit, and as a logical person that was a concern to me, and she just
told me that not to worry about it. Sent me on my way, and I… you know, maybe I was a
number, or maybe she just didn’t
have the knowledge, but fortunately, I can say I’m here now
with Dr. Jaudy, and all those things
that were concerns for me were real concerns. Dr. Jaudy has confirmed
that for me, so a lot of times we think there’s something wrong with us, but we
know our bodies better than anybody else, so if you do have a concern that you
think there’s something wrong, more than likely there is, so you have to
keep searching until you find that person that can give you
the answers that you need. (Music)

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