Asthma Causes – What Causes Asthma (Dr. Artour Rakhimov)

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Let us consider the cause of asthma. In these 5 clinical studies, it wad discovered that the people with asthma breathe about 2-2.5 times more air than the medical norm. These are the details of these stadies. It’s important to notice that people can breathe 2-3 times more air than the medical norm, and be unaware that their breathing is way too heavy. In relation to asthma, the effects of hyperventilation are going to be following: When people hyperventilate, they have low level of CO2 in their airways. And CO2, according to clinical studies, is very powerful, some studies say most powerful known relaxant of smooth muscles. Therefore, CO2 is a dilator of airways. And, when people hyperventilate, they suffer from bronchoconstriction. This is exactly the case with people with asthma. Bronchoconstriction is one of the 3 central factors, which define asthma. Therefore, it’s obvious that heavy breathing, which was found in virtually all asthmatics, is the cause of their bronchoconstriction or constriction of airways. Hyperventilation reduces oxygen level in body cells. Let us look at this brain image. If asthmatics have too heavy breathing for a long time, they start to destroy their airways and alveoli, and that causes reduction in oxygen transport in the lungs, and they develop so called “ventilation-perfusion mismatch”. As a result of low oxygen level, the immune system becomes suppressed, and it also becomes hypersensitive to innocent triggers. Therefore, its normal that asthmatics, due to their hyperventilation, develop allergies and sensitivities to dust mites, cat and dog proteins, smoke and many other chemicals. Because of this hypersensitivity of the immune system, asthmatics develop inflammation of airways. This also involves production of extra mucus. As we can see, overbreathing leads to all symptoms of asthma. And therefore, hyperventilation is the key cause of asthma. In order to prove this statement we need to consider the effects of those breathing techniques which are able to eliminate hyperventilation.

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  1. At over 40 s 24/7, and you need to keep away from triggers to avoid the CP drop (below 40 s). If you keep such CPs for 1-2 months, the immune system get desensitized.

  2. this is insane. asthma is clearly rigged by the system to make a bunch of money of inhalers…. but it is the same virus as herpes that causes asthma. it is a sickness, that needs 1 year of antibiotics, Z-pack, to be rid of .

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