Asthma Disease Symptoms and Causes – Human Respiration – Biology Class 11

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Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and Press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. Hello Students today we are Styding chapter human respiration and in that we our second topic Asthma, Asthma difficulty in breathing and it is most common in children how does that happen let’s study about it today. now Asthma is a condition that’s very common in children and it could be related as periodic constructions of periodic blockage in the Branka or the bronnquse region which makes inhalation as well as exhalation difficult and if inhalation and exhalation is difficult or it is hindered obviously the gaseous exchange that is removal out of CO2 and intake of oxygen would get little Hampel Astmatic attacks may be caused due to the secretion of mucus in the bronchi region or we do certain cold temperate or allergens which actually stimulate the immune system to produce a fighter cells which secrete mucus as a secondary response now mucous membranes of mucous layer becomes very thick in asthmatic as time and that’s the reason people who have got a somatic attack uptick in Hiller’s as a source of prevention or this in halos can be really said as medicines which are in powder form or gaseous form in that medicine tube of Anila and when they inhaled those medicines it directly gets inculcated or absorbed in the respiratory tracts it clears the air passage or just clears the mucosal layer air passage and finally the individual can breathe and sustain now inspiration is normal in asthmatic patient but exploration or exhalation gets a little difficult and a stoma get smooth trigger especially during cold temperature especially during winters or raising season or if you visit any coal climatic condition asthmatic patients are more children and number whereas others never have asthma even if they get it may be due to allergic reactions and ask them ah if not you’re properly will lead to blockage of your bronchi or algal at-track asthma now asthma can be defined as or can be said as a disorder which occurs to do periodic or timely construction of Branca around clear region and this aesthetic attack is basically civilian common in cold temperate climates in cold seasons etc now attack of asthma can be triggered by airborne chemical fumes it could be due to nicotine or such things basically what happens is your mucous membrane and mucus layer become thick and the spasmodic contraction of bronchial muscles constrict the air passages and yuccas is released so a somatic attack in children is very very common students I hope we are clear with this concept of asthma thank you

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