Asthma Education

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well one of the roles of all asthma
camps is education from campers all the way up to medical students they learn
about what triggers are asthma they learn about their medication and how to
best take care of themselves we even talk about things like peer pressure how
to explain to your friends why you can’t do certain things or why you need to be
treated differently and we even talk about anatomy and physiology it’s great
because you just they just teach you so much about your asthma and how you could
control it and I’ve learned about like all the triggers that are around you
just in nature in general when they get the skills through our teaching they can
take that home and be better controlled and then do what they want to do versus
letting the asthma control what they do with him being here he’s learned how to
call the pharmacy and say I need this medicine refill for my asthma and in
some instances he’s teaching me certain like vocabulary for medication that he’s
running in captain but I had no knowledge of it’s really been amazing we
teach the kids what their medicines are a lot of kids when they come here
they’re like oh I use that thingy I use the medicine no I’m really in the first
couple days I remind them this is your full event this is your albuterol you
take it for this and then towards the end of the week I kind of expect them to
be able to tell me why they’re taking their medications I learned a lot of
what my asthma and it’s funny because like the games they helped us a lot
I look at games that kids are familiar with and just sneak in a little bit of
asthma education try to make it just as fun as you can do I think they’re just
as much yeah they’re teaching me things that I never knew about the medication
giving to vote they know a lot more than me expected them to know about asthma
and the triggers and their controller medications they understand what their
asthma is their children take away education and also you as a parent you
get to learn that so I say for any new parent that’s attending this program
they will be alright and it’s the best thing to do because you will learn a lot

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