Asthma Facts and Statistics

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>When you look at what the CDC has on
asthma they’re frightening, than in some ways to look at because I don’t think
people realize what we’re looking at here with regard to this disease. Now the
first one catches me here between 2001 2009 people diagnosed with asthma grew
by more than four million people. You made a very good point earlier our air
quality outside is much better in the United States than it used to be a
generation ago, why is that number rising so exponentially?>Right. Well, you know,
that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s more asthma because there may be better
identification of asthma, you know, the state of the knowledge on asthma is
better, so there’s is greater understanding that a lot of coughs that
used to be treated with antibiotics didn’t get better or actually asthma and
there are better medications so there’s much more effort put into establishing
the diagnosis of asthma. So I think some of the increase prevalence, the increased
numbers of asthma is probably just a better identification. I do think that… I
do know of two things that that are important and one of them is super
interesting and patients that have asthma are more likely to have not grown
up on the farm, and it’s really it’s really interesting. The kids that grew up
on a farm handled dirt and they handle an animal dirt and they’re exposed to a
lot of bacteria and their immune systems are more robust because of that.

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