Asthma Foundation NSW – Google Impact Challenge | Australia – Finalist

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name is Michele Goldman. I’m the CEO of Asthma
Foundation, New South Wales, based in Sydney, Australia. The problem where I aim
to address is twofold. Air pollution is harmful
to human health and impacts millions of people
around the globe. However, people are unable
to access meaningful data in a timely and simple way. Equally, people
don’t have any way to monitor their
breathing status. This project aims to develop
a mobile and web-based application providing real-time
air-quality data overlaid with a person’s breathing
status so they can proactively manage their health. Within three years, we hope
to address these issues by providing at least
40,000 people with asthma with information which enables
them to predict and prevent asthma attacks, and thereby
reduce costs to the community. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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