Asthma in cats – Dr. Justine Lee

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If your cat was just diagnosed with
asthma don’t fret. It’s totally treatable but there are certain things that you
need to know of when your cat is diagnosed with feline asthma. First of
all if you notice that your cat is breathing harder than usual or has an
increased respiratory rate you want to get to your veterinarian for blood work and x-rays. That’s the main way that we diagnose feline asthma. The other
important consideration is you want to eliminate things in the environment that
can trigger an asthmatic attack. In other words if you smoke you can no longer do
it inside you have to smoke outside. You can’t use dusty litters because that
dust can also stimulate an asthmatic attack and no fragrances that are
sprayed so if you use products like air fresheners these can also trigger an
asthmatic attack. The best way of keeping your cat healthy is by treating them
with medications that can help the asthma and so that’s going to be be a steroid like prednisolone or even in inhaler. We oftentimes use human inhalers like
albuterol or fluticasone but there’s a specialized mask called an aerokat
that we use to attach to your cat’s face so you can easily deliver these asthma
medications. Remember asthma is totally treatable but there’s some easy things
we can do to make your cat’s lungs breathe better.

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