Asthma: Jordan’s Story

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My name’s Jordan. I’ve had asthma since
I was age of two. My favorite things to do would
be exercising, acting, dancing, public speaking, and I love it. Different things trigger my
flare ups– pollen, fresh cut grass, and smoke
really bothers me, but even too many scents at
once can start an attack. I start to feel
shortness of breath. I feel like my lungs tighten up. It took me a while to figure out
which things I needed to avoid. And of course, I can’t
avoid everything, but just being aware of
what sets off my attacks has made my life easier. In my younger years,
I was in the hospital, probably, seven
times in one year. That was really scary,
I can remember that. According to my
doctors, I was obese. And being obese with asthma
is kind of bad on your lungs. I started off walking. And I did jogging. And then I started picking up
season by season, I would say. I started lifting weights. I start dancing more. Since I’ve lost
all the weight I’ve totally seen a big improvement. I haven’t had an
attack within two years since I’ve done all
the physical activity. I’m also pretty good
about taking my medicine. I take it twice a day. I try to take it at the
same time every day. And I always take
my inhaler with me in case I have a flare up. I’ll leave my meds at home. I leave my meds on
my person– myself. And I leave one at my school. Even though I haven’t
had any attacks, I still hold my medicine
on me just to be safe. Every once in awhile, I
forget to take my medicine, especially if I’m
busy or distracted. But I do my best to be good. I think it is a priority for
me to keep up with my doctor, keep up with my asthma action
plan, keep up with my meds, and staying on my
game so that I don’t have to worry about
anything in the near future. When I was younger,
I felt like I had to take everything really slow. But now, because I’m on top
of my game with my meds, I can really move
with my friends and do whatever it
is that I want to do.

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