Asthma May Put the Heart in Peril

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The symptoms of an asthma attack and heart
attack – like chest tightness and shortness of breath – may feel quite similar. And now,
two new studies show the link between the two may go far beyond that. I’m Rachelle Grossman
with your latest health news. The studies found that people with asthma may face significantly
higher odds of having a heart attack. One study tracked the early signs of heart disease.
After 10 years, researchers found that patients who had asthma and needed daily medications
were 60 percent more likely to have a heart attack, stroke, or related condition. Researchers
in the other study found that asthma patients had about a 70 percent higher risk of heart
attack. Asthma is a lung condition that inflames and narrows the breathing passageways. Speak
with your doctor about the best ways to keep your asthma from flaring up.

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