Asthma Myth Quiz with Asthma & Allergy Center

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the following portion of daytime Blue Ridge is sponsored by [Music] it is springtime which means many of you might be experiencing those pesky allergy symptoms and are probably desperate for help yes that’s why we have practicing allergist dr. saju a pin from the asthma and allergy center here to help answer a few of our questions and to test our knowledge welcome thanks so much for coming on thank you for having me absolutely so tell us about the asthma and allergy center the asthma analogy Center has been in business for about 70 years and as you can guess from our name we specialize in the management of asthma hay fever and several other allergy conditions we have three offices one each in Roanoke Lynchburg and Salem okay so when should I start looking for an allergist if you have allergy symptoms that are not controlled at multiple over-the-counter medications or if you have asthma and you’re using your medications way more than is recommended or if you have repeated sinus and ear infections those are situations where you should seek help all right okay now you have a fact myth quiz for us yes thank you and we have our little cards we’re ready ACT and myths so we’re gonna see how well okay all right okay okay short hair pets don’t trigger allergies pets don’t trigger I would say that’s a myth it is actually a myth you got it right okay okay because it is the it’s actually a protein that’s present in the saliva and in the dander that causes the allergy no not at all so if you have a pet and have pet allergy it’s important that you keep the pets outside the house and or at least keep them outside the bedroom if you if I don’t have any tree or grass in my yard I can avoid allergies pollen can travel for miles so if people have pollen allergies it’s important that they clean themselves well after spending a lot of time outdoors and do keep your windows closed at home and in your car which is such a hard thing to do yes such beautiful day you want the air circulating and you’re not a good idea for people without close the windows all right next one allergies cost the US over eighteen billion dollars a year in medical expenses yes it is a six it is a six most common chronic medical illness and it affects about fifty million Americans a year okay I have asthma I cannot exercise it is a myth I if you have asked man if it’s well control there’s no problem with exercising got an inhaler right what that is true in some people you need to pre Medicaid before exercising and that’s always it’s important to warm up and cool down with exercise okay alright and the next one food allergies a permanent correct the game some food allergies especially in children milk and egg typically you know they go away but others such as peanut and shellfish never go away okay hey you did great I think you got on her purse I did I got a hundred this is great yeah if somebody wants to find you all how can they do that well we can call our office at the Aspen allergy center and the number is five four OH three four three seven three three one all right there’s the website thank you so much thank you

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