Asthma Myth: Use of steroids as a treatment option and its side effects

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Kevin’s doctor prescribed an inhaled steroid
for him to use everyday to treat his asthma. But I don’t know — I’m kind of worried because of how harmful steroids can be. Well what do you mean? A lot of parents have concerns about side
effects from steroids. Steroids are present inside all of our bodies
but when we use them as a medicine they can help treat inflammation and swelling. which is a big part of asthma Steroids come in many forms, as well as many
different doses. When steroids are given by mouth, or through
a shot, the dose is a lot higher than what we use when given through an inhaler. An important thing to remember is that the
steroids we use as medicine to treat asthma are not the same as anabolic steroids which
are used by weightlifters and athletes to make their muscles big and strong. Your child will not develop big muscles by
using their inhaler or any other side effects associated with anabolic steroids. There is a common side effect that can occur
with using inhaled steroids however. This is called Thrush. Thrush is a white coating that can occur inside
the mouth or on the tongue. It is very easy to treat if it does occur,
however it is also very easy to prevent. Just make sure that your child brushes their
teeth and tongue after they use their inhaler or rinses their mouth. This should be done every single time they
use their steroid inhaler to help prevent Thrush from occuring. Oh, I didn’t know that steroids were different
from one another. But I’m still kind of worried that Kevin
might become addicted to his medication — is that true? Absolutely not. Inhaled steroids will not lead to addiction
or dependance. If your doctor recommends that your child use
an inhaled steroid, that means their asthma is not under good control and that we can
do a lot better. Remember, inhaled steroids won’t work right
away, and you won’t notice that they are working. However, if you use them consistently, then
over time your child’s asthma will be under much better control. This means that they will miss less school,
cough less, and sleep better throughout the night. Great — thanks! I’ll make sure Kevin gets his medicine just
as our doctor instructed.

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  7. Our daughter took two 5ml oral doses of prednisolone (a steroid used to treat inflammation caused by an allergic reaction to an antibiotic) and she was super irritable, cried all of the time, didn't sleep and had "episodes" of screaming and flailing around on the floor like she could not control herself. I stopped the steroids immediately and she slowly returned to her sweet nature. I would advise parents to be super cautious with steroids. Some might be good, but our experience was HORRIBLE.


  9. I use Dulera here and there but I still have dry coughs and sometimes lung pain associated with dry coughs that bring up sputum. The sputum is usually clear but sometimes has bright red small streaks of blood and now it is concerning. Could the blood be from the intensity of the cough? I had my lungs listened to and the doctor says they are fine but the pain is a mystery. Does anyone have this too?

  10. Funny how most people listen to the rest of the sheep…
    Asthma doesnt require anabolic roids …
    The medicines only try to benefit from speed or natural occuring stimulants in plants ,
    Thats it ,, upper ,a natural occuring stimulant like ephedra plant.
    Ect …..
    Thanks to the doctor for explaining the truth ….
    Remember asthma uses upper properties ,, to open narrow passages in the lungs …Not androgens to grow big muscles ….

  11. I got rid of my asthma by pressing on the face between my nose and the upper lip. This relaxes the chest airways by acupressure (GV26) as a scientific effect (reflex loop). Then I trained to breathe in through the nose to get the same effct. Low and behold, the beastly asthma was gone. I sleep with my mouth shut.

  12. I’ve used an inhaler since 7 years old up until 16. The steroid caused me to start my period at 9 years old. I started getting bad acne at 12. It caused my depression and anxiety that has gotten worse and worse since I’ve gotten older. It made me gain weight, especially in my face and stomach and didn’t help me when I was exercising. It did nothing to help my asthma or breathing in my opinion. My teeth are brittle and my hair falls out. I have a pretty bad hormonal imbalance. If you are thinking about putting your kid on an inhaled steroid, PLEASE think twice. I can’t believe my parents agreed to this treatment plan when I look back. I would’ve been much better off without any treatment at all. I really hope I can reverse all of my side effects caused by years of medicating with this type of treatment.

  13. After surgery, I was put on steroids, , I gained 60 plus pounds, Developed High Blood pressure, cataracts was pre-diabetic and now have Asthma. Do not Take

  14. Your right they won’t gain muscles with certain steroids, some like steroids such as prednisone will make you lose your muscles and gain weight

  15. That is very good to hear… I have been an asthama patient since childhood and suffer severely in winter due to weather change, cough and need more doses of inhaler. Thanks Doc

  16. Some Side effects inclube atrophy of the muscles, failure of your adrenal glands (that btw procude a natural “steroid” called cortisol), insomnia, stunted growth, and that's all I remember off the top, but reliance on synthetic medicine will a lot of times do more bad than good, in a pinch I think a taper is ok, but never discount the amazing benefits of natural unprocessed foods and an active lifestyle. Drugs are band aids that gives you temporary relief but do not fix the underlying issue. Your body can heal itself for the most part if you feed and treat it right.

  17. ….Umm ya tons of side effects…Steroids can definitely be harmful. I've been a singer for years and have had decades of issues losing my voice… doing some further research this time I was put on steroids I realized my voice started to change immediately and no not from thrush. Never have I been told by any of my doctors losing or PERMANENTLY DAMAGING MY VOCAL CHORDS could be a side effect. Always read the small print people. Docs office tomorrow morning to figure this one out to see if there are any alternatives for me as a vocalist.

  18. can't trust any doctor'. side effect = damage look at people in agany all over. side effects damage ostioperos- cushings/lupus adrenal /immune go on and on oh DNA poison

  19. I took both the injection and pills lol buttt when he said your son will not be strong lol I died but thought everything what he said is true I still do feel strong when I take it lol even though it’s just my imagination

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