Asthma Myth: What are the symptoms of asthma

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Kevin never wheezes, so I know his asthma
isn’t a problem. What do you mean? Many children with asthma never have wheezing,
at least that you can hear yourself without a stethoscope. Symptoms from asthma occur when the muscles
surrounding the breathing tubes squeeze and tighten. Which makes it very difficult to get air inside
the lungs and body. For many children, their only symptom may
be coughing. Other common symptoms include shortness of
breath, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, and wheezing. Every child with asthma is unique and has
their own symptoms which may differ from other children with asthma. In addition each child may have different
symptoms depending upon the day and what triggered their asthma symptoms at that time. A late sign of asthma is when your child uses
their rib muscles or neck muscles to help them breathe or they become very short of breath. If you see this, this means that they are
working very hard to breathe and they need to be treated with their rescue medicine immediately. You may also have to take them to the emergency
room as they can become very tired if they breathe like this for too long. Wow — I didn’t know all of that, thanks! I’ll really make sure I pay attention the next time
my child coughs.

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  1. Thank you.
    My 12 year-old's asthma presented with wheezing upon exercising when he was around 4 years old. Though I told the doctor this, she told me that it was too early to tell and she didn't think he had asthma. I thought he was better because the wheezing went away as he got older. He was getting a lot of colds though where he was coughing non-stop. One time a doctor prescribed an inhaler when he had a particularly bad cold, but she never said or diagnosed him with asthma.

    After some time, we switched doctors. When he got really sick again, his doctor asked if he has asthma. I told him that though his previous doctor said that he doesn't, I felt that he did and that they gave him an inhaler when he had a really bad cold. His new doctor diagnosed him with asthma and prescribed another inhaler. His doctors would tell me to give him his inhaler every 4 hours when he had really bad colds. Because they never explained that the cough was his asthma symptom, I thought the inhaler was somehow making the cold go away quicker. This might sound silly, but I think doctors should be aware that some of us just don't get it until you explain it. It was about a year and several "colds" later that I finally understood what was happening. I can't imagine how my son felt having asthma symptoms for days.

    He's now 12 years old. After going to the doctor's office for a virus that was causing fever and sore throat, his doctor scheduled him an appointment with his spirometrist for the next day. I was astonished when the spirometrist told me that he was having an asthma attack at that exact moment. He was not wheezing or coughing or struggling to breathe. He told me that he didn't even recognize that he was having a problem himself. She told me to start his inhaler every 4 hours and his doctor put him on Prednisone. This is so scary to me because I thought I finally understood his symptoms and now I'm finding he can have symptoms that aren't even visible or audible to me. We need more understanding.

  2. Is this asthama doc i HAVE short breathing and sometimes my back or lungs are getting tight and when i bow and when i breath deeply it i chest are going good and my back also and my breathing and when i coughing it's so hard i can't breath my face are turning red is this asthama doc? And my chest are tight too plz reply back

  3. Can you guys tell me if what I'm experiencing might be athma? I sometimes feel like the air I take isn't enough. This year, I went through 3 periods of non stop coughing, each lasting about a month. The coughing continues at night and is sometimes bad enough to wake me up. Once there was a sandstorm and i went to school and came home sick so my mum told me to stay home the other day. This has been going on for about 8 months now. Thank you for listening to me.

  4. Asthma is a chronic lung infection. My Aunt suffered from asthma, she can't breathe properly especially in a suffocating room and in dust bearing environment. She used various medicines but had no permanent relief. Then my one of a friend
    suggested her "Asthma Care Pack" provided by "Planet Ayurveda". She tried it and have complete relief from asthma.

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