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I only need to use my controller medicine
when I have trouble breathing. What do you mean? If your doctor prescribes a controller medicine
for your asthma, that means your asthma is persistent or not well controlled. In order for your controller medicine to work
effectively that means you need to use it every day, or sometimes twice a day, even
if you feel fine. There are two types of medicine that treat
asthma: Rescue medicine, such as albuterol, should
be used whenever symptoms occur, or sometimes if you know you’re going to have symptoms,
like before exercise. This type of medicine helps open your airways
so you can breathe easier. You can feel this working inside your body,
but it only lasts for a few hours. Even though it makes you feel better, it won’t
make your asthma any better long term. Controller medicine works by treating the
inflammation and swelling inside the lungs, which is a big deal. You don’t really feel it working, but if
you use it every day, then your asthma should be under much better control. This means that over time you won’t have to
use your rescue medicine quite as much. Oh, thanks! But still, it’s not like anyone can die
from asthma, can they? Actually, for some children and teenagers
with asthma, they can become very sick, and this often happens very quickly. Even though we have a lot of great medicines
that help treat asthma, children and teenagers still die from asthma everyday in the United
States. One of the best ways to make sure that your
child remains healthy is to go to all of their appointments with their physician and follow
your asthma treatment plan also known as an asthma action plan. Then, when you’re at home, make sure they
receive their controller medicine every day, even if they feel fine. Not only is this going to make them feel better
in the long term, but hopefully it will also keep them from getting sick. Wow — that’s helpful. Thanks! I’ll be sure to use my controller
medicine all the time!

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