Asthma Myth: When you should use your spacer with inhaler

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I know how to use my inhaler, so I don’t
need a spacer. What do you mean? Actually, it’s important for everyone to
use a spacer every time they use their inhaler. A spacer is an attachment that fits onto the
end of the inhaler, like this. If you just use your inhaler without a spacer,
then most of the medicine will end up in your mouth or in your stomach, instead of inside your
lungs where it works best. The spacer acts as a holding chamber where
the medicine sits as a fine mist that you can then breathe in very slowly to allow the
medicine to get inside your lungs. Spacer devices are for everybody of all ages. Younger children may have a face mask that
fits on the end of their spacer, and then fits tightly over their nose and mouth. Older children and teenagers can often use
a spacer with a mouthpiece. With a little practice, spacers are very easy
to use. You do have to remember to still breathe in
very slowly, and then hold your breathe at the end to make sure all the medicine gets
deposited inside your lungs. Wow — I didn’t know all of that, thanks! I’ll make sure I keep my spacer around all
the time, that way I’ll have it when I need it.

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  1. I'm just wondering when the use of spacers were recommend for all ages because I had mild asthma when I was 14 years old back in 2006 and I wasn't told to use a spacer. Just a question .

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