Asthma on the rise worldwide

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add the brownie mix nice job Lucy and Izzy are fine now but both girls have suffered at different times from viral
induced asthma lucy first when she was a baby until about age seven and izzy more
recently it doesn’t really feel normal because
you’re not breathing correctly but it just kind of pops up every time i have a
cold so i don’t worry about Lucy’s breathing as much is he I mean just last
week she had a cold and it was probably some mild virus but still I could see
that it was starting to tighten up her lungs Mary and pepper is not only the
mother of children with asthma she’s also a researcher at UW Medicine trying
to find the cause of asthma maybe I hadn’t had kids who’d had asthma I
wouldn’t have been as inspired to to go into this research and know just how
debilitating it can be for kids to to not be able to run around or play
outside or play in their soccer game because they literally can’t breathe the
number of people living with asthma is expected to rise in the next decade a
recent study by the Institute for Health metrics and evaluation found that asthma
is the most prevalent chronic respiratory disease worldwide it’s an
expensive disease in many ways part of it is because of the disability that it
goes it takes people away from their work and kids from their school izzy controls her asthma by using her inhaler and alerting her parents to any breathing problems
she might have asthma hasn’t stopped Lucy or Izzy from being active and just
having fun from the UW Medicine newsroom in Seattle this is Meghan Clark

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