Asthma Process

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Doctor why don’t you kind of walk us
through what happens during an asthma attack and we actually have a bio
digital image that you can kind of help show us what is going on
absolutely so as we look at the graphic you’ll see that this is kind of what
happens when everything is great so the the muscles of the of the breathing
tubes of bronchi are open and there’s not a lot of secretions the airways are
nice and open everything is nice and relaxed so add to that any sort of
trigger you catch a cold cold air perfume your teachers perfume and all of
a sudden everything starts to change so you get the trigger for smooth muscle in
the airways to kind of start to constrict you’re getting your raucous
spasm you get the inflammatory mediators from the inflammation as part of asthma
to start to produce more mucus more secretion so now you’ve got a smaller
airway because it’s smaller in diameter plus you have stuff clogging it up right
you have mucus clogging it and then on top of that you have maybe ongoing
exposure so now the child is already coughing and now they’re starting to
feel even more anxious which can also be a trigger to continue to kind of make
things get worse and cascade on so some of these will be hints as to the
different ways we attack the asthma and different trying to attack the different
things that are causing that airway to kind of close up doctor you
just kind of walked us through what happens there talking about airways
getting tightened up if you will that that feeling of breathing through a
straw like I referred to and I’m just curious do more boys than girls
experience asthma or how does that compare you know there’s some disparity
because we’ll see that before puberty it’s more common to see asthma in boys
and girls but then it’s also more common in adulthood to see more women than men
and there’s no real sound reason that they’ve been able to find as to why that
happens but we do know that asthma is multiple different things playing a role
so we may not be able to find that one link that tells us why boys earlier in
life have it before puberty than girls but we know that we can look at the
different factors that can play the role in producing asthma and individualize
that plan

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