Asthma Quality Improvement

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Parents get very sad when their child
has a diagnosis of asthma and what I want to say is that for the majority of
people they should be able to have normal, happy, healthy active, active lives
and manage their asthma at the same time. As medical director, I believe that the
biggest benefit we can offer our patients is to provide them access to
high-quality care. So one of the chronic diseases that many of our patients
struggle with is asthma and we really wanted to improve some of our clinic
workflows and our strategies and our policies around asthma. It was one of the
best programs we participated in all year. We, through this partnership, got
access to some of the latest guidelines and latest research and our asthma
numbers are optimal asthma care and patients who are under good control
markedly when up. I guarantee it as a result of our partnership with ALA. This was new. With this program we implemented a spirometry in primary care. Before we
just said what this person has asthma but we didn’t know if it’s mild, moderate
to severe persistent asthma so in getting an adequate diagnosis. It’s helping a lot for a great treatment for the patients. All of the resources that
the American Lung Association was willing to provide work precisely the
resources we needed at that moment to continue our journey for quality
improvement. All of a sudden there was a program that would support us in that
part of our quality journey and now I’m confident that we’re going to be able to
show better compliance with medication as a result of our partnership with the
American Lung Association. The core issue about any kind of chronic
disease management is knowledge and education about all the different facets.
So asthma controller medications are the key to asthma therapy. Daily use of
inhaled steroids really is very effective at decreasing that swelling or
inflammation in the airways and helps to prevent asthma episodes that can be
caused by exposure to viruses or allergy triggers. In addition to spirometry we
learn about different asthma medication inhalation devices. We can do asthma 101
for some of their medical assistants and many times because of the provider,
shortage treatments are moved farther and farther down the skill level ladder
so we are helping them meet that challenge. Our evaluation of the clinical
quality improvement program, linking health claims data with clinical quality
improvement process measures is extremely weak. This is the only
evaluation that has been able to demonstrate clinical quality improvement
health utilization reductions and a return on investment.

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