Asthma reported in children

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A new study by the CDC finds that FEWER children in the U.S. are dealing with asthma attacks. And while that may be the case… Doctors say there’s still too many ending up in the hospital because of it. First News weekend morning anchor Abbie Schrader is live in the newsroom with the details. [B5]5AM RVMN LIVE SHOT-LVIN Asthma affects about six million kids… Making it the most common respiratory disease in the country. And even though the numbers are dropping… It’s not all GOOD news. About half of all children with asthma had at least one attack in 20-16. Doctor Mike Sevilla is a family physician in Salem. He believes the decline in kids with asthma… Is thanks in part to better awareness and recognition of symptoms and better testing. There are some simple things for parents to look out for. [B7]5AM RVMN LIVE SHOT-SV Dr. Mike Sevilla: “IF YOU NOTICE THAT YOUR CHILD IS NOT BREATHING AS WELL DEFINITELY GET THAT CHECKED OUT IMMEDIATELY. THEY MAY BE AT AN INCREASED RISK FOR ALLERGIES. OR IF YOU HAVE PETS AT HOME. OR IF THE PARENTS SMOKE, DEFINITELY STOP SMOKING.” This CDC report finds that even though the number of children with asthma is down… About one in six still end up in the hospital for symptoms… Right now there is no CURE for asthma… But there are ways to help control symptoms. We’ll hear more from Doctor Sevilla about asthma action plans at 6. Live in the newsroom AS 27 FNTM. [B9]20180216 FDA CONCUSSIONS-VO The Food and Drug Administration approved a NEW way to help

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