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Hello guys, and welcome to Zach-Ahm Bio class So today’s video is going to be about Respiratory diseases Have you been producing the wheezing sound lately? Have you been having chest pain? Have you been having difficulty in breathing? Well then, congratulations, you my friend have Asthma Which does not sound like a good thing to have.. Because it isn’t… Ok, let’s be serious now. Before talking about Asthma, let’s talk a little bit about the respiratory system. So, a normal human being is able to take in oxygen needed by all body cells through his air passages Air enters from the nose or mouth to pharynx Larynx, and then all the way to the lungs through the throat After throat, it is sent to the bronchioles and then towards the alveoli And, at last it mixes up with the blood The inner lining called Mucosa in the bronchioles of an asthmatic patient that is surrounded by a smooth muscle, is inflamed chronically That makes them hyper responsive to certain triggers such as Pollen Smoke or even dust Asthma can also be caused by genetic factors and environmental factors Yeah, I am preventing myself from Asthma Oh wait, you probably can’t hear me Let me just take this off Sorry for that So what happens during an Asthma attack? the patient usually coughs a lot and produces the wheezing sound they also have chest pain and their skin colour sometimes changes So, after the mucosa is inflamed, the smooth rings of muscles become narrower and because of the pollens, more mucosa is produced after that is done, the mucosa blocks the air passages The end result of Asthma usually stays the same the irritated airways narrowing the cause of this irritation that causes an Asthma attack varies from person Unless of course there is a cure for that And since the patient can’t exhale properly, there will be excess of air or in other words inflation And over time, the body can die due to the lack of oxygen. Asthma isn’t that easy to cure, but due to the advancements in science, Doctors have found a way to deal with it So what they do is that they basically use inhalers, yeah, the one that Leonard from Big Bang theory always has So, there are two types of inhalers; One of them is the Metered Dose Inhaler So, what they do is that they use an aerosol canister inserted into a plastic mouthpiece to deliver a short bust of medicine The second one is the Dry Powder inhaler, So, what that does is that it delivers medicine as a dry powder using a special inhaler

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