Asthma, Runny noses, and Coughs.. OH MY!!

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So, Nano is having a little bit more asthma, so we decided to hook him up to the nebulizer and see if we can’t get it under control for the day. Hi, my name’s Jorden but they call me Nano I’m Melia Or Mia and this is our baby Jaxen Join three Smartypants kids their mommy and daddy making memories as a family Nanoooooo!!! Last day of schooooooolll! woo woo! dance party! woo woo! dance party! woo woo! last day of school woo woo! what are you doing? that’s not a dance! *lauging* dance baby! dance party, dance party oh. what’s he doing? he’s doing — he’s doing the fall down. doin’ the fall down, he was doing the Frankenstein! alright, everybody do the last day of school! woo woo! last day of school! woo woo! okay okay I’ll do the last day of school! no… the last day of school, not the AFTER the last day of school! *laughing* alright, come on, lets go! we’ve gotta go! heyyy! it’s the last day of school and guess what? what? we have to go get your Nano EARLY! why!? and this guy… I just had to wake him up! and he was so upset! He wanted to do “time to go get Nano”… and now he is just not. but I got a call from the school, Nano doesn’t feel good… we have to go get him RIGHT NOW, okay? aaaah, lets go Nano don’t feel good! we’ll be right there Nano! we’ll be right there Nano! So… we found him. how are you feeling buddy? uuuhhhh… it was just his asthma acting up, so he needed his inhaler. now that you’ve had it, how are you feeling? aaaaahhhh… about 53% better. 53%? 53% better. there you go guys. so almost like… almost 63 % better I feel about 4% better 4%? why? what happened to you? *laughing* ‘Sup fishface! hey look… now you’re four-eyes. *laughing* you always call me four-eyes. now you’re four-eyes! look… one two three four. you’re Hoglips McFour-eyes. *laughing* so… Nano is having a little bit more asthma, so we decided to hook him up to the nebulizer and see if we can’t get it under control for the day So… he’s going to hang out here and breathe in some medicine and finish watching Goosebumps for a minute yeah. Goosebumps THE MOVIE! The Movie! which is exciting! alright.. fell better kiddo! what’s she doing? Jaxen wants me to show you guys that this is sleeping. oh, are you going to wake her up? okay, wake her up! tell her Wake up! tell her Wake up! tell her Wake up! hello? wake up! tell her say wake up!! we gotta go get daddy! we had lunch with daddy and then we dropped him off at work, so daddy doesn’t have a car. we have to go get daddy and this girly pie is sleepin! hey baby feel better? daddy! daddy? you tell Mia… lets get Daddy! and then there’s Nano… that took his shirt off for some unknown reason. I’m still not quite sure why he took it off my shirt was wet. I don’t know why it would be wet but he said his shirt was wet so he took it off, and he’s been sitting here kind of chillin, making sure that his asthma stays gone for a little while…. and watching TV. right? So we haven’t really done much. but… Yeah.. that’s alright. Just hangin’ out right? yeah. We should do like some thing that we have to sit down for. you mean like watch TV? no, like the— your eyes have not left the TV since I started talking to you. like the sit down challenge. there, hey, you looked at us. woop, just for a second though. Like the sit-down challenge. *laughing* the sit down challenge? you could win that challenge hands down! you’re the bestest sitter I know! no, you’re the bestest. *laughing* Daddy is the laziest. I don’t think daddy is the laziest. Daddy’s the one that’s worked the hardest today. —I’m pretty sure. anyway, we’ve got to go get daddy because he doesn’t have a car so, wrap it up, okay? okay miss you love you bye. miss you love you bye. Actually, I’m not going anywhere… but… Nano!!
still feel kind-of bad. meh but I feel much better Nano’s not allowed to get off the couch, because every time he gets off the couch, he starts having asthma problems. Mia is having a serious runny nose issue, which is making her nose sore… and she’s being kind of a Drama Queen about it. so, that’s not so much fun Jaxen is the only one that seems to be feeling a little better and he once in a while sneezes a couple of times. but.. he’s feeling good enough to be ornery I suppose. So that’s good. and there’s dad. the culprit of all this nonsense. the one that brought it all home. it only lasts two days, then you’re fine. BAD daddy! go sleep outside! Go sleep outside! *laughing* well, then we don’t have anyone to do our thumbnails. okay, you can come in long enough to do the thumbnails. that’s all I’m good for… just thumbnails. *laughing* Stop it! Aaaaah, stop it! aaaah! Goooooo! Gooooooo! Goooooo! Gooooo! Gooooooo! Hello. hello. Gooooooooo! Gooooooooo! goooo! Today has been… a sick day! we had to go get Nano early from school on the very last day of the year he has not been feeling good every since. Melia feels like garbage.. Jaxen and his tickle feet feel fine.. I’m glad he feels better… but I really hope the rest of us start feeling better soon! if you liked this video, give it a big fat thumbs up! if you want to make this channel strong Share it with your friends! but for now… Good night YouTube… See you TO-MA-TO… Hopefully.. we don’t feel like this anymore! Good night.

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